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How to Make Your Own Face Mask at Home

You can make your own face mask at home and it is very easy to do. You can use any kind of ingredients you like. The only thing you need to remember is that the bacteria on your face are good and must be kept under control to avoid the complications. Here are some important tips that you need to know when making your own face mask at home.

Face Mask

First of all, use a sponge or a cleanser to make your mixture. Using a cleanser prevents your face from getting wet which might help to remove the excess oil. You can also use olive oil or water for moisturizing your skin. But in case you are using tea tree oil, it should be applied to clean face only and then rinsed thoroughly.

Make sure that you don’t apply too much oil since this might cause damage to your skin. Only apply oil that has been diluted to make it easier to use. Other ingredients that you might want to consider include Aloe Vera gel, baking soda, lemon juice, and water.

Mixing is the best way to make your mask. You can mix each ingredient individually or you can mix them into a bowl if you want to use only one kind of ingredient for your mask.

Wet your face with warm water. This will help to keep your face dry and smooth. Then dip a clean sponge into the mixture and allow it to soak for at least five minutes. This will help to exfoliate your skin.

After soaking for at least five minutes, rinse your face very well. When your face is completely dry, blot your face with a towel. Then you can start applying your face mask to your face and ensure that you let it dry naturally.

Let your mask dry for approximately 30 minutes and then use a towel to remove it. Apply sunscreen if you feel that your skin is sensitive to the chemicals in the mask.

The best thing about making your own mask at home is that you can control its taste and texture. You can add as much or as little of each ingredient as you like to make your own mask that suits your taste.

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