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How to Order Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Mask

How to Order Custom Face Masks

Custom face masks are an effective tool for promoting your business, logo or message. They are an affordable way to create an attention grabbing promotional campaign that will continue to benefit your company for years to come. When ordering your printed face masks, it is important to know the following:

Yes, all of the pre-printed custom cloth face masks sold in stores can be reused repeatedly and washed several times before washing. All you need to do is spray them with some mild detergent and then hang to dry. However, printed cloth face masks should only be Air Dried to maintain the integrity of the printed graphic and to prevent shrinking. Air drying will also ensure that the graphics will not peel off easily.

While you can order custom printed cloth masks, the selection available may be limited. Typically, face mask designs are limited to black, red and white. If you want to add a logo or slogan, you will need to order an additional mask of the appropriate color. Some companies choose to use custom printed masks for special events and presentations. They are useful when you need to give presentations to a large group of people or you want to create a mascot for your organization.

Ordering printed face masks online is the best choice for your advertising needs. When you place your order, you will usually receive an approximate date of delivery. Many companies offer rush orders, so if you have an important event or presentation to promote you should place your order early. Also, be sure to provide your contact information on your website so that they know how to contact you if they have any questions. Rush orders will generally cost more than standard custom orders, but you can save money by choosing a larger face mask and by doing the shipping yourself.

There are a few companies that make customized face masks. You can look for a company online that has the equipment to make your own face mask. Some companies will allow you to pick your design, then have them manufacture the materials to your specific measurements. These companies usually charge a reasonable fee for their services, which makes it easy for anyone to get personalized face masks for promotional purposes.

The nice thing about washable custom face masks is that you can take them with you if you travel. Some companies allow you to send them in washing machine wash for a very reasonable price. It’s always best to read through the manufacturer’s instructions when you decide to use their equipment to make your promotional mask. Most have directions for washing, drying and putting them back together again. This way you always know the condition of your face mask.

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