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How To Sell Face Masks On eBay Or Other Venues

Custom Face Mask lets you put your very best face out in public while simultaneously social distancing yourself from others. Choose from a two-piece face mask available in two different sizes for the ultimate in breathable comfort, lightweight, and wipeable comfort. You can wear these masks in styles that cover half your face and/or other areas of your face. Many customers leave their printed face masks at home when they leave the salon. After all, nobody wants to wear uncomfortable or unattractive masks that stick to their face all day.

This product is created using a combination of advanced technology and cutting edge materials to create a revolutionary anti-fungal treatment with anti-bacterial properties. A custom face mask comes with an antibacterial silicon plate with a protective air pocket that locks in moisture preventing bacteria from growing. The anti-fungal carbon filter located on the inside of the mask also provides a barrier against harmful airborne bacteria while providing a pleasant aroma.

These products are made with a washable anti-fungal layer that is extremely easy to remove. When you are finished with your treatment you simply wash the carbon filter and silicon plate in warm water. No special treatment or sanitization is required because they are completely washable and completely safe. The clinical testing conducted by healthcare professionals and medical research shows that carbon filter and washable anti-fungal layer can eliminate 99% of all fungal infections and bacteria.

If you want your mask to be with you for an extended period of time, we suggest that you choose our Pre-washable Face Masks for maximum life span. These are great additions to your standard mask purchases and are often included with the price of custom face masks. Unlike standard masks that have to sit at room temperature to work effectively, our pre-washable cloth mask is ready to use right out of the box. Most pre wash cloth masks have a shelf life of about three months. With our pre-wash masks, you get to enjoy their benefits right out of the box.

Using reusable face masks is great for allergy sufferers or individuals with rosacea. There are reusable face masks available that are specifically designed for individuals with these types of conditions. Rosacea sufferers can benefit greatly from using an anti-fungal spray before using their custom mask as this can reduce the drying effect that occurs from normal scrubbing. Since every person is different, we suggest you discuss your allergies or rosacea concerns with a physician before purchasing any product.

Customized face masks are great items to sell on eBay or through other venues. Whether you are someone who wants their face mask to say something about them or simply add a personal touch to an event, reusable face masks are a great option. By using the Internet you can easily search for and purchase a face mask at wholesale prices, sometimes up to 50% off of retail!

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