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How to Start Gifting Items For Fortnite

From devoted gamer socks to stuffed loot lamas and cool glass soda bottles, these are just some of the coolest gifts for Fortnite players this year. This lovingly tiny Loot Llama vocalist can play music for up to four hours on one charge and comes in many other Fortnite-inspired shapes, as well. This is clearly one of those rare and awesome finds that won’t break your budget – or the bank.


While you are shopping for gifts, make sure to check out the Fortnite Battle Arena for more fantastic and customized gifts. These gift items are perfect for any game lover, whether they enjoy vehicle combat, strategy or puzzle matches or even the simple but addictive survival games. All you have to do is find a Battle Arena and buy one of their cool looking gift items. They’re not cheap, but you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands to get something really sweet – if you look for them. Some of their most popular battle items include the following:

The Battle Arena is a stationary toy that will bring your inner-warfare to life. This Fortnite accessory is included with the game, and there are several models available for purchase. One has a rotating turntable that will allow you to battle it out with friends. In addition to playing against yourself, the Battle Arena also comes with an authentic trophy case. You’ll be able to display your best loot in this neat toolbox case, and it even plays Fortnite sound effects! If you’ve got a particularly nice system, the official fortnite YouTube channel even has a video tutorial that walks you through the installation process.

If you’re feeling brave, yet still want to start gifting items to your fellow players on Fortnite, you could try the Fortnite Gun. The Gun can be purchased as an offline accessory, but you can also collect and craft it by combining special blueprints. Once you’ve gathered all the blueprints required to build the gun, it’s merely a matter of placing them onto the appropriate slot. If you win a fight and kill another player, you can collect the blueprints and craft them into the gun for that specific character.

For the ultimate in homely goodness, you might want to consider using the official fortnite battle gifts. These are included as part of the collector’s editions of the game, along with the main game disc and the Collector’s Edition DVD. An added bonus is that the fortnite battle gifts come with a decorative pillow and comforter. Although it may not make a huge impact when lying on the floor, it will make a difference in your own bedroom.

These are just a few ideas for how to start collecting and gifting items for Fortnite, if you’re feeling a little timid. However, once you get more familiar with the game, there will surely be more creative and unique gifts you can find. The most important thing is to be sure that the people who receive your gifts truly appreciate them, and that they truly love playing Fortnite. After all, that’s why you gave them the game to begin with.

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