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How to Use Custom Printed Face Masks for Effective Marketing

Do you sell custom face masks manufactured in the USA? Of course! Check out the famous Bayside 1000 face mask. It’s made in the USA, by American workers too. So why do you sell printed face masks to children?

Children have soft skin and are very sensitive when it comes to facial skin care products. They will very quickly develop an allergic reaction to the printed material which often sticks to their delicate skin. The other problem children have when they use cloth face masks made overseas is that the colors won’t stick to their pale skin and the printed pattern will fade after just a few uses.

What about your reusable customized printed face masks? If you buy the machine washable kind, you won’t have to worry about the fading of the design because washable fabric is easily soiled. Machine washable face masks can be reused several times before the machine becomes unusable. This makes them ideal for the environment.

If you want to sell your printed or embroidered cloth face masks, you need to find a way to separate your reusable cloth face masks from your machine washable ones. You can do this with ribbons, laces or self-sticking labels. This makes it easy for consumers to recognize your product. Consumers love eco-friendly items and love the opportunity to support a business that is doing what it takes to protect the planet. When people are able to recognize the difference between eco-friendly and regular facial mask, they will want to buy more of your eco-friendly products.

You can also make sure that your customer knows how many of your reusable masks they need by adding a line on your sales receipts. This is also an excellent way to remind customers to pick up their reusable face masks and to wash and reuse them as often as possible. If you give your customers reusable face masks with the purchase of your customized printed or embroidered cloth masks, you will be helping your company while also making your customers happy. They will also be happy to support your business while feeling good about the purchase they made.

Using custom face masks to improve your marketing is an inexpensive way to generate interest in your brand, increase the visibility of your logo or slogan and encourage repeat business. The printing on printed face masks can be easily sewn or embroidered into the design, so there is no need to hire a graphic designer. Printing on customized printed face masks is a great way to get the most from your advertising budget.

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