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How to Wear a Face Mask to Stop the Spread of Avian Flu

A facial skin care mask, also known as a facial wash, is a thin-foam mask placed over the nose and cheeks, usually with a cloth backing. Facial cleansers are meant to clean pores and slough off dead skin cells so that new skin cells can grow. The goal is to keep pores unclogged and skin looking radiant and young. Many facial cleansers contain ingredients such as acai berry extract, which has been shown in scientific studies to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, and blemishes. However, because all cleansers are not created equally, it’s important to choose your cleanser carefully.

Face Mask

Facial wash: When buying a face mask, it’s good to know what type you need. There are different types for different purposes. For example, if you want to exfoliate or deep cleanse your face, choose a facial wash that contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Usually, these products have a light alcohol base. Most people who have acne find that using an alpha hydroxy acid facial wash, alone, is sufficient for their particular problems. However, if physical distancing isn’t possible, and if other masks are unavailable, a facial wash containing salicylic acid may be the next best thing.

Breathing mask without nose clip: If you want to create a social distancing effect without washing your face, try using a breathing mask without a nose clip. These masks, often made out of plastic, can be worn without washing your face. To do this, simply open your mouth as wide as possible, breathe deeply and hold it closed, like you’re blowing out a birthday candle out. This creates an airtight seal that allows your lungs to draw in more oxygen, increasing the moisture in your skin. By breathing deeply and holding your breath, you create the same effect as if you were actually breathing in hot, dry air.

Ear loops and fabric: Adding some additional texture to your face mask can be as simple as adding fabric lining to the perimeter. Ear loops, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, can be sewn or attached to the edges of your mask. Fabric lining, on the other hand, can be used to add thickness by creating “spandex zones” on your mask. Multiple layers of fabric can be layered behind one another to create a layered look, much like you would wear a sweater.

Use an Apple-candy facial wipe: Some researchers have theorized that the bacteria that causes avian flu has a similar genetic structure to the cold virus. In other words, the strain that makes people sick in poultry is believed to also be contagious in humans. Therefore, if you are sick with the cold, you should wash your hands with an Apple-candy wipe (used with discretion! ), and use that same wipe to dab yourself with a face mask.

Use an Oster or Bioreptic Face Wash: Although it may seem counterintuitive to wash your hands with an antibacterial soap when you are trying to stop the spread of the disease, an Oster or Bioreptic wash can be just the thing you need to wash your hands and remove the grime from your face mask. Unlike hand sanitizers that contain triclosan, antibacterial soaps will not irritate your skin (or your eyes, nose, ears, etc.) Furthermore, the bioretention agents in these soaps do not cling to surfaces, but work instead through a soft film that pulls grime off of all parts of your body. Simply rinse with cold water (not hot) and you will be able to begin washing again.

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