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iClipArt Custom Face Mask – A Comfortable Fit For Any Event!

Custom Face Mask

iClipArt Custom Face Mask – A Comfortable Fit For Any Event!

Custom Face Mask is a unique product that helps you to enhance your personal appearance. Whether you are looking to improve your physical appearance or want to portray a specific emotion, these printed face masks are perfect for you. The Custom Face Masks offered by iClipArt is durable, reusable and versatile as well!

iClipArt carries a wide selection of face mask options including, Large Custom Face Masks, Small Custom Face Masks and Face Sculptures/Zipper Face Masks. Make Large Custom Face Masks that can cover your entire face. These Large Custom Face Masks is great if you want to be noticed or want people to focus on the true beauty of your eyes and face. They are also great to use during parties and other social gathering where multiple people will be at the event. Choose from two different sizes: small and large.

iClipArt’s Large Custom Face Masks is made of 100% vinyl, which is highly durable and long lasting. The Large Custom Face Mask is available in two finishes: frosted white and shiny black. iClipArt also offers standard colorless vinyl. If you do not have a lot of time to create a customized mask or are looking for a more permanent mask, iClipArt carries a line of disposable face masks, perfect for your everyday needs! These Dental Vinyl Novelty Masks is perfect for rollerblading and other extreme sports.

iClipArt carries three lines of high quality disposable face masks made from vinyl. They are: Dental Vinyl Novelty Masks, High Quality Cotton Vinyl Novelty Masks, and Latex Fiber Vinyl Novelty Masks. The Dental Vinyl Novelty Mask is made from durable dental vinyl that can be cleaned easily. This face mask is perfect for children, relieving chaffing and itching, minimizing burns and cuts.

High quality cotton fabrics provide extra comfort. These face masks are perfect for summer and come in two styles: the open-ended ovals and the closed ends with elastic ear loops. Closed Ear Loops are made of medical grade silicone that eliminates sweating and odor. Open ended ovals have soft fabric on each side and are great for short term applications and easy washing.

All iClipArt disposable face masks are designed to give you a comfortable fit. They are washable and reusable, and come with complete instructions. Whether you need a temporary mask for a special occasion or everyday wear, iClipArt has a design and style that will work for you.

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