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Important Uses of a Face Mask in the Operating Room

A medical mask, otherwise known as a postoperative face mask or a surgical face mask is designed primarily for emergency health professionals in the operating room who are required to operate very quickly. It is made to avoid infections in patients and caring staff by capturing bacteria dropped in aerosol droplets and liquids from the patient’s mouth and nasal cavities. These masks provide protection against splashes that might occur if the sterile equipment is mishandled by a patient.

Face Mask

It has no clear opening on the side of the mask, which enables the patient to breathe. These masks can be used in an open air surgery to provide oxygen while the patient is breathing. It provides minimal amount of oxygen, which should not be of concern to you or your patient.

The surgical face mask is typically used during a general anesthetic. It is made with an ointment applicator at one end and a dropper at the other. The applicator is inserted into the nostrils in order to obtain a good seal around the nose and mouth. The dropper is used to administer the mask ointment. These masks are usually disposable.

They are made of medical gloves which are soaked in sterile solution of liquid nitrogen to kill bacteria. During an open air surgery or emergency room, a patient can easily breathe in the contaminated atmosphere, thus risking his health and life. Therefore, the surgical mask should be used to provide air in a sterile environment. During the procedure, there may be spillages that could cause infection of the eye, mouth or throat.

During a surgery, it is important to ensure that all surgical staff uses the right mask for their job. The procedure may cause a lot of contamination in the operating room, so it is important to make sure that the sterile equipment is used.

It is best to make use of a face mask for all the patients in the room to ensure that all staff members are wearing the right mask and the equipment. Make sure that the correct mask is being used at the right time. If any incorrect masks are being used, there may be spread of bacteria and viruses. For example, if the wrong kind of sterilizing agent is used, then this can lead to an infection of the eye, mouth or throat of the patient.

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