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Information on Medical Face Masks

A medical face mask is designed to be worn during medical procedures. This type of mask is often referred to as an in-surgical face shield. The medical face shield provides a temporary form of protection to the face that can be worn under a surgeon’s sterile surgical scrubs. Some of the medical face shields are made of disposable foam that can be quickly replaced as needed.

It is important that the wearer of the face shield is aware of all the dangers of a medical procedure, especially if the person has a medical condition. For instance, a mask that covers only the nose may not provide enough protection for an open mouth surgery, such as the removal of a tumor. There are some precautions that should be taken before the mask is worn to prevent unnecessary exposure to a dangerous procedure.

Before the face shield is worn, it is important that the wearer knows what the procedure will involve. All medical procedures have risks and complications and those who perform them should make sure they are fully informed of these risks and complications. A face shield is usually worn for a certain period of time and it can take from six hours to two hours. If the procedure requires a longer period of time, a more elaborate face shield can be purchased.

Before the mask is worn, the person must ensure that the skin around his/her eyes is clean and dry and that there is no irritation in the eyelid area of the face. The eyes should be kept moist while the mask is being worn. The wearer should try to remain relaxed while wearing the face shield.

The face mask should be removed after the procedure is completed. The mask should be wiped or washed to remove all the moisture that it contains. The patient should then rinse his/her eyes properly with water. The surgical area should be washed thoroughly to remove any debris or blood from the face shield. The skin around the eyes should be cleaned to remove any remaining blood that may remain after the skin was cleaned.

After the face shield is removed, it should be dried in a clean room. A new face mask should be used if the skin around the eyes starts to look scaly. If the mask does become too dry, the wearer should remove it and put it in the microwave for thirty seconds.

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