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Make Money With Custom Gifts – Fortnite

What is more exciting than a holiday filled with Xbox 360s, PlayStation consoles and Humble Bundles? Well, not much, actually.

You see, some people are looking to take their game-playing passion and turn it into a business in the most creative way imaginable. They create something that will make you wonder how you ever played before and then sell that item on eBay, Amazon or other auction sites. In fact, many of these players are pulling in big bucks right now, making them the subject of discussion on late night TV and popular internet radio programs. So, what exactly does this mean for the player who wants to earn an extra bit of money while playing games?

If you are a gamer who wants to make a few bucks from your games, one method is to come up with custom gifts. You do not have to be a pro, but you do need to be creative. Let us walk through this example so you can see how it works. For this example, we will use Fortnite.

Fortnite is an insanely popular multiplayer online battle arena game. It has been around for months, but it seems to be picking up steam as more people get their hands on it. As you might expect, the competition among players is fierce, but there is also a large number of fans who play the game to help build their community.

You might be wondering what a fan would do if he or she were interested in supporting a developer, but you never gave that person a significant role in your life. Well, not to worry. You can still support a developer by making custom gifts that can be auctioned off. You can make a signed, limited edition t-shirt, have your picture included in the game and even make sure that your game supports language options such as Korean and Japanese.

The person who wants to try this out first is the developer himself or herself. You can find a way to support them on their website. If you are the developer yourself, give a piece of code to the person who makes the gift. A special site will run the code for you and will include it in the game. If the code is used and later used correctly, you can expect a certain number of “tokens” to be awarded to the person who won the auction.

Then you can sell the tokens. You can start small by selling some just to see if it is a business idea that you want to pursue. You might also ask friends and family if they want to join in on the auction so you can know what buyers are looking for. And, if you are selling to real buyers, you can have some fun with the code and its use to make your auction a success.

Rewards are very similar to traditional retail, but can also be used as a fundraiser. It might not always be a big seller, but with a great launch, you could make some easy cash by offering some players some exclusive items that can only be obtained by giving them to the people that helped make the game a success. You might get lucky with this, so take your time and find out what the creator of the game has to say about custom gifts before using their code.

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