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Making Custom Face Masks

Any questions about how to make a face mask? Check out this face mask guide for answers! Produce Large Custom Face Masks for your Halloween Costume.

Custom Face Mask

When looking for the best face masks, try to avoid “one size fits all” ear loops. Custom ear loops are typically small enough to slip comfortably over your ears without pinching or pulling your skin. Custom face masks are often made using thick fabric and high quality rubber; they give a comfortable fit and great appearance.

Face masks can also be printed with pictures on a soft white background. Popular places to use images to customize face masks include on large T-shirts, sweatshirts, or signs, or even on business card covers. This is an easy, inexpensive way to get an attractive, eye-catching printed mask on which to do your advertising or show your artwork. You will want to make sure that your image is not too large or distorted when printing on a soft white background. Many companies that offer printing services also have tools available to stretch your pictures to the exact dimensions you need.

Other options for custom face masks include making small custom faces to use as favors, such as birthday or Christmas greetings. Choose a picture or logo that is close enough to match your recipient’s face to create a personalized and unique mask. Many people wear their favorite cuddly plush animals as mementos, so printed animal face masks are another great option for custom masks. For baby shower favors, use a photo of mom and dad along with a printed name tag or sticker. Animal themed printed baby shower favors are especially popular during the holidays.

Some companies specialize in making reusable face coverings for clients. Resin face covers are lightweight and can be washed and reused time again. Some resins are even machine washable. Using reusable face coverings reduces the amount of disposable items that go into landfills, helping to prevent pollution.

Many companies make and produce custom face masks that are fit for a variety of applications. These are typically made from a medical grade, hypoallergenic blend of polyurethane foam, latex rubber, and cork. Medical grade face masks are designed to provide extra protection against allergies and other breakout prevention and/or treatment. These masks may be used to prevent dust, splinters, and bruises from appearing and to ease pain and discomfort associated with burns and surgery.

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