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Custom Face Masks is an integral part of any Halloween party or special event. Face masks are used to create the illusion of a clown or other character for fun or for dramatic effect. Many of the most popular stage shows and movies include a character performing with a painted face, so the practice of using face paint for disguises has been around for decades. Face painting is not as common today as it once was, but custom-face masks are still used by many artists and they are a great way to create funny or scary faces for Halloween or a fancy dress party.

How much are custom face masks to charge? The price of your custom printed face masks generally depends on a couple of different factors, such as the quantity of masks you request and the number of colors used in your costume design. Most face painting companies will give you a quote using the number of facial pieces you wish to have created. Some companies may offer a discount if your entire face gets painted. Other companies may charge a flat rate based on the amount of facial pieces you require.

Your face masks will also come with straps or face cradle that you will attach to your face with straps that secure the mask to your face cradle will also prevent your mask from falling off during your Halloween costume performance. Face paint that is opaque or have elaborate designs will require more elaborate and expensive custom face masks. Face masks made of a light fabric will not last as long as a heavy-duty latex foam or plastic face mask. Heavy fabrics will also leave paint streaks on your skin.

Face Masks that is to be used for special events will need to be cleaned correctly before you attempt to wear them. Face masks that are to be used for performances should never be placed in the microwave. When choosing to buy face masks, you can either order one to your door or buy face masks that you can wash. Customized face masks that are to be used for an event such as Halloween will not wash very well.

Face Masks can be washed by hand or by using a machine. When washing face masks by hand, it is best to choose a gentle detergent and mild fabric softener to help keep the mask from cracking when it is placed inside the washing machine. If the fabric straps come with elastic straps, they can be removed and washed separately. Washable fabric straps can be placed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. Before removing elastic straps from your face mask, place mask inside the machine and turn it on, being careful to avoid touching the blades or other sharp parts.

Custom face masks may require you to order special fabric face masks made from medical grade materials. Medical grade face masks provide extra strength and durability. You will need to specify what materials are used for your mask. If you want your mask to have fabric straps, be sure to specify the thickness that will be required.

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