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Medical Face Masks – What You Should Know

A medical face mask, sometimes called a nasal mask, is designed for use by medical professionals during medical procedures. It is specially designed to prevent bacterial growth in patients and preventing bacteria shedding from the nose and mouth by capturing airborne bacteria and droplets from the user’s mouth and nose. This is necessary because the mask must prevent air-borne diseases from entering the patient’s body through breathing passages.

Face masks are made of latex or anhydrous latex, and sometimes other materials such as neoprene, styrofoam, rubber and acrylic. In some instances, the face mask may contain a preservative or other substance to keep it from developing mold. A mask must be sterilized prior to use and cleaned after each use. The user should wash his or her hands before placing any item into a mask.

A mask should be worn to protect the patient from bacteria that can enter the body through the skin and become lodged in the medical device. Infections can occur when the skin becomes irritated due to prolonged exposure to bacteria. The patient may also develop an allergy to the material that has been used in the creation of the mask. Therefore, all medical devices must be properly disinfected and sanitized. This is especially important in cases where the patient may be exposed to medical equipment.

Other materials that are used in the production of medical devices are necessary to ensure that they do not emit hazardous emissions into the environment. In cases where air is inhaled into the patient, the mask must have a filter in order to trap the fumes emitted into the atmosphere. Filters must also be used in cases where airborne contaminants may escape into the patient’s body, especially through the respiratory system.

One type of face mask is disposable. This is useful if the hospital will be operating in a space where people can not clean their own face. These disposable masks will need to be replaced frequently. There are disposable face masks available that come with disposable filters.

Other benefits of using disposable face masks are that they are cheaper than those that are purchased for long-term use by a medical facility. Another advantage is that these masks are less expensive in comparison to a hospital-based system, because disposable masks are often reusable. This means that if the face mask is used in one medical procedure, it does not require expensive maintenance or replacement.

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