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N95 Respirators And Face Masks – A Comparative Review

Face masks are popular with the beauty and spa crowd. They are therapeutic in that they provide the skin with moisture, repair, anti-inflammatory properties, and protection from irritants. They can be therapeutic as well as simply decorative, depending on how they are used. Popular varieties of face mask are the baby powder mask, the eye mask, the acne mask, the zit masks, etc. Below is an explanation of the different types of face masks and how to use each one.

Face Mask

A cloth face mask, also known as an elastic mask, is a lightweight mask typically made of soft, breathable textiles, most often cotton. Soft fabrics allow maximum permeation of air into the mask while allowing the individual’s own sweat and moisture to escape. When not practical, or when other effective masks aren’t available, fabric face masks can still be used effectively providing you don’t breathe through your mouth. The ear loops of this style of mask can either be placed behind the ears or positioned beneath the hairline. Ear loops on a cloth face mask provide the same benefits as an elastic mask, without the need to remove your headgear. Because the ear loops are positioned underneath the hairline, some people might prefer them because they feel less uncomfortable than placing their faces on a pillow.

Soft face masks can be used to provide social distancing, such as in the case of pandemic or water-borne outbreaks. Soft face masks to prevent people from spreading the disease by forming a barrier against the air. This form of social distancing serves to reduce exposure to potential epidemic strains while still providing symptom relief.

An individual may choose to wear either a surgical mask or a non-surgical face mask, but the latter is more appropriate for individuals who have a history of allergic reactions to nickel and other metallic particles. Non-surgical splashes prevent small particles from entering the nose by using a high-tech mesh and a high-pressure stream nozzle. However, this form of protection does not prevent larger particles from entering the nose. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for individuals who already have very sensitive skin.

Individuals who suffer from breathing allergies will also benefit from wearing surgical masks. Medical studies indicate that breathing allergies are relieved when breathing through a surgical mask that contains a small amount of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is the same material used in N95 respirators. However, it does not cause irritation to the throat and lips.

When considering the purchase of a face mask, individuals should take the time to compare different brands and types. By doing so, they will ensure that they receive the best product available. In addition, they will ensure that the best type of protection is purchased. Purchasing the right kind of respirator and face mask can ensure the safety of the general public when dealing with dangerous situations.

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