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Neo Custom Face Mask – Professional Looking Custom Logo Imprinted Hockey Caps

Custom Face Mask

Neo Custom Face Mask – Professional Looking Custom Logo Imprinted Hockey Caps

Yes, the printed plastic face masks that we sell can literally be washed, recycled and re-used several times over. However, printed face masks should always be air dried to keep the integrity of the printed graphic. There is a very simple reason for this. If the printed face mask is not air dried, it will shrink, which will decrease its effectiveness and appearance. We always suggest a very mild detergent (such as Liquid Organic Cleaner) to wash our printed face masks. Air drying the printed graphic will also help your printed face mask to last longer.

Most of our customers are asking us what exactly is the difference between our traditional face masks and the new, comfortable fit neo products that we offer. The main difference is that, with the traditional masks, if you were to take them off, you would probably hurt your ears or even hit your eye with the excess mask material. This could result in a lot of embarrassment and possibly some personal injury. With the new style of earloops, we have taken our customer’s comfort one notch up!

If you are looking for a custom face mask, whether it is for athletic training, a church function or a business function, we are confident that you will enjoy the style, comfort and fit that our product line offers. Our custom printed face masks come in a variety of different colors and styles. The choice is yours. No matter what your decor is, we have the face mask that will enhance it.

When looking for a custom printed cloth face mask, we want to ensure that you are getting the best product quality for your money. The most important thing to consider is the material the printed graphic is printed on. Our printed graphic is printed on high quality polyester fiber. The material is washable and dries quickly, while maintaining its quality and crisp look for years to come.

To ensure a quality product and the most accurate custom logo that you can get, our artists use an inkjet printer with ink-jet paper that has been specifically made for the print on face masks. Since each of our customers’ faces are different, we always have a small sample to test out our custom printed graphic on. This way, we are assured of printing the correct graphic on your face mask. In addition to the paper itself, we also add a fabric dye to give your mask that perfect, custom look. The dye comes from our own in-house fabric dye facility and is extremely easy to apply using our matching sprayer.

The premium face masks offered by Neo have a very authentic, sporty look that will really stand out wherever you decide to wear them. Whether you are going for a night out on the town, a reunion with old friends or even going down to the local golf course, you can find a pair of custom printed baseball caps, football helmets or even motorcycle helmets that will really complete your look. Our large selection of custom earloops and mouthpieces allow you to find the one that is right for you and is also the exact color and style that you are looking for. With our no obligation guaranteed next day shipping option, you can shop from home with confidence knowing that you will receive your order in the same day. With the right look and comfortable fit, nothing you do will come off as fake.

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