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Pandemic Preparation – Wear Your Face Mask

A facial mask, also known as a facial pack, is a small cloth mask designed mainly of synthetic textiles, most commonly polyester or cotton, worn over the nose and mouth. These masks have many benefits but also have some drawbacks. They can be difficult to remove in case of an acute allergic reaction to one of the chemicals used to make the masks. Furthermore, when wearing a facial pack, it is difficult to breathe through the mouth due to small holes formed by the packing material.

A common facial pack is often used as a facial mask used during sleep, as it has the added benefit of being therapeutic for sleeping. This is because the fabric keeps the face ventilated and allows air exchange during deep sleep. A cloth face mask placed over the nose and mouth can prevent snoring by keeping the nose closed and the mouth closed. The same can be achieved with a face pack by placing a cloth mask on the mouth to keep the mouth closed while you sleep. In addition, if physical distancing is impossible and if any other facial mask or breathing apparatus is not present, a cloth mask placed over the nose and mouth will do the job perfectly.

It is important to note that the use of a face mask with a droplet collection system will help to prevent the build up of bacteria, which can be a cause of rhinitis. The material used in the system usually has tiny holes in it, which allows the release of the droplets onto the skin, thereby helping to keep the skin clean. The reason behind the presence of the tiny holes in the material is that it acts like a sponge; the droplets soak the material into the pores. With continuous exposure, the bacteria are reduced, thus protecting the skin from infection.

For people suffering from allergies, a hand sanitizer can be used on the face mask prior to the application. This is because the application of the sanitizer helps to destroy the air borne pathogens in the mask. However, you should only use a hand sanitizer that is appropriate for your allergies. The best option is to use an all natural hand sanitizer, as this is less likely to result in a reaction and also does not contain any allergens or toxins. Once you remove the mask, you will notice that there is no residue left and hence your skin remains fresh and odorless.

When the face mask is not in place and there are no exhalation valves in place to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, a wet to damp cloth may be used to wipe the area and remove the excess moisture. A face mask which is worn during the day may need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the bacteria are not building up against the materials. There are two options available when cleaning the exhalation valves. You could either wash them with water and soap or simply spray the areas with a disinfectant to get rid of the bacteria.

All pandemic preparation has to start at the manufacturing units and finished at the distribution points. Manufacturers are required to make full use of their facility so that they can make new products which have been affected by the recent pandemic. Hence, it is important that you buy your masks from a reputable manufacturer so that you are ensured that they are manufactured using safe equipment. In case you do not know where to purchase good quality masks, you could check out the internet or visit your local medical store to ask for advice.

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