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Plastic Surgery Face Shields – Important Tips

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Plastic Surgery Face Shields – Important Tips

A surgical face mask, also called a facial skin mask, is designed to be worn by medical practitioners during surgical procedures. Surgical masks are designed to prevent infections from infecting operating personnel and treating patients by capturing airborne pathogens shed from the patient’s mouth and nose and collecting in liquid drops and aerosols administered by the wearer. Face masks worn during surgical procedures allow for a sterile treatment area; reduce contamination of other surgical materials and equipment; and increase patient safety by allowing operators to focus on their tasks. This article describes the different types of facial masks and their uses.

The first type of surgical face shield is the disposable variety. These are made of latex, vinyl, or a combination of these materials. Disposable masks may not include a mouthpiece to wear during the procedure. In addition, these masks may not contain nose clips or chin straps to hold the face shield in place. To achieve optimal comfort, these types of face shield should contain a non-latex foam face shield with a flexible neck.

Another type of face shield used in surgical procedures is a full face mask. These masks are similar to the disposable variety, but they also include rigid plastic “full face mask” liners that provide greater protection and can be used in any position throughout the surgical procedure. Full face coverings typically have higher density foams for increased comfort and a comfortable fit.

There are two additional types of surgical masks that are sometimes used in the hospital setting. Intravenous nasal mask (IVM) and disposable nasal mask (DAM). The IVM is a rigid plastic mask that is placed over the nose and mouth before undergoing surgery and removed afterwards. The DUMA is the same as the IVM, except it is used in the postoperative setting rather than prior to surgery. Both of these disposable products allow patients to breathe easier when their nasal cavities are restricted.

The advantages of using plastic surgery face shields are obvious. These devices allow individuals to withstand years of facial abuse without developing any facial scarring. The plastic surgeons who developed these products took great care to design them to fit each individual’s unique shape and to incorporate the right amount of airway cushioning for maximum comfort. Some masks also have a recessed lip for patients who have a double chin. The size of the mask also has an impact on the patient’s comfort.

Plastic surgery face shields are very beneficial to patients who are under general anesthesia. Because they do not always retain the shape of the face after surgery, they often cause facial disfigurement when they are removed. Because face covers can be taken off during the hours the surgeon is performing the surgery, this greatly reduces any chances of early removal of the device. However, it should be remembered that surgeons strongly recommend not taking the plastic surgery face shield off for several days after the procedure since they may lose the shape of the mask while removing it.

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