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Popular Types of Face Mask to Wear

A cloth face mask, also known as a facial mask, is a protective mask typically made from synthetic fabrics, such as cotton, typically for daily use over the nose and mouth. While facial masks made from natural fabrics are available, sometimes more effective facial masks aren’t always available, when facial distancing is almost impossible, and even when more efficient facial masks are readily available. For these situations, face masks consisting of synthetic materials are used to provide similar coverage with a less noticeable barrier than other facial cover-ups. Synthetic materials aren’t exposed to the same risks as natural fabrics, but they are available in a number of different styles to meet whatever needs may be out there.

One of the most common uses for face masks would be to provide exhalation for people with asthma. Since the materials used in these masks can often times contain ingredients that are easily irritant to asthmatics’ skin, using one of these masks requires that the patient wear an additional face guard, typically made from elastic, to prevent skin irritation or itching. Some of these masks will also include two layers of fabric or material for those suffering from dry skin to provide extra protection against humidity and environmental elements.

Face masks can also be used to address excess oil build-up on the skin. If you regularly find your face steaming up after washing it, you may want to consider obtaining a surgical mask. Surgical masks function much like a facial scrub in the way they work to remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria. Unlike a normal cloth face mask, these surgical masks require two layers of fabric or material as opposed to one layer, meaning there is a much smaller chance of skin irritation caused by the excess material.

A common type of face mask that is popular among individuals looking to stay cool and dry is the vapor barrier, which is used primarily for individuals with respiratory issues, as it helps to decrease air humidity within the room. These face coverings prevent the individual from breathing in moisture, which can make the individual feel uncomfortably warm. The most commonly used vapor barrier is made from a combination of fabric and polyester mesh, which allows for the air to escape while still keeping the temperature regulated. Many of these products also contain an anti-bacterial compound that kills the bacteria that causes athlete’s foot.

For individuals that enjoy the outdoors, they may also want to try an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, water-proof version of face mask. Often used in conjunction with a rain coat, these products allow the person to continue to wear all types of hats, gloves and rain gear without any adverse reaction to the materials. While most brands of this type of face mask are fairly inexpensive, it’s always important to read the labels in order to ensure that you are receiving all-natural, hypoallergenic products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances. These types of products have been proven to be safe for regular use, so long as they are washed and used properly by using a gentle, damp wash cloth.

More people are starting to realize the benefits that face mask manufacturers are currently offering in the form of both disposable and reusable varieties. With the disposable varieties, people no longer have to throw away their previous mask once it has absorbed the sweat from their brow or face. However, this type of product can often clog pores, so it should not be worn by those who frequently change facial expressions. To cleanse the skin of any excess dirt and makeup, individuals should look into the availability of a reusable product.

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