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Popular Types of Face Masks

A face mask, sometimes called a nasal strip, is a thin cloth mask worn around the nose and mouth, designed to draw out and trap excess mucus. Mucus can become trapped in the sinuses and cause discomfort, and even lead to sinusitis, if the mask becomes too full of mucus. When this happens, it’s time to find a better way to clean your nasal passages!

Nasal strips can be worn all the time or as needed, in some cases only a couple of times a day, in others up to twice or three times daily. For maximum effect, a thick mask should be worn at all times. Thinner masks can be worn in a pinch for quick relief of congestion, but they should not be worn for more than 15 minutes at a time, as thinner masks can dry out the skin and cause flaking. In addition, mucus can easily get trapped inside the tiny openings of many nasal exhalation valves. If mucus gets trapped inside the exhalation valves, they will become inflamed and start to cough, causing much discomfort.

There are different types of face masks being used by the general public in an effort to reduce the spread of the “Spanish Flu” pandemic. While there have been huge efforts to stamp out the disease, there are still those who have not had success, largely due to a lack of effective techniques for cleaning the air. Masks that are too thick or full are not useful for those people who are genuinely affected by the pandemic. But there are options available that can be worn by individuals who aren’t affected by the Spanish flu to protect themselves from the general public’s fear and reduce the risk of catching the disease in the first place.

Face masks can be worn in a variety of ways. Some are called liquid droplets. These are generally nasal pillows which are worn just like a regular pillow, with the addition of a specially designed facial fluid dropper which is used to draw the liquid up into the mask to be inhaled. The liquid droplets stay in the mask for a set amount of time and are then removed. Most of these devices are designed to be worn overnight, while others are meant for use throughout the day.

Another style of face mask which is worn more frequently is called a nose ring. These are typically worn only during the night. They are designed to cover the top of the nose, reducing any visibility of the sinuses in cases where the nose is blocked by the bridge of the nose. While they are uncomfortable and can feel restrictive, some find the reduction in congestion and pain associated with them to be worth the extra time it takes to wear them at night.

A more common type of face mask which is worn regularly is the cloth mask. These come in a variety of styles. Some cloth masks can be worn as regular pillows but often have some additional features. For example, some cloth masks may include built-in air pumps to provide a constant supply of air to the wearer.

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