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Popularity Offers Custom Face Mask Designs to All Ages

Custom Face Mask is gaining popularity as one of the many ways to enhance your Halloween costume. The Precious metals and the quality of the printed face masks available in the marketplace have made them a very popular choice for kids and adults alike. Many retailers are offering a variety of custom face mask options.

The CUSTOM PREMIUM “Cute Kids” is appropriate for children ages 4 to 12. The adorable “Cute Kid” printed mask features an oversized heart design. The large heart is perfect for kids who want to dress-up their best Halloween costumes. The adjustable elastic ear loops of the CUSTOM PREMIUM “Cute Kid” ensure a secure and comfortable fit, especially for younger children. Each Precious metal wristband is machine washable; the “Cute Kid” also includes a cute black carrying case.

The PETURE “Rub-On Artist” Custom Metal Arts mask is a unique addition to the range of Custom face masks. The shiny silver paint adds interest to the colorful art work, making the masks a desirable addition to the art gallery. Artists’ names and creations can be added to the surface of each mask by using the included silver paint pen. The silver pigment used is highly toxic, so it is important to follow the instructions printed on the artist’s card. Once applied, the painted area will need to be allowed to dry thoroughly before wearing. The entire kit consists of a silver handbag, a stencil mask for painting, an assortment of paints, protective cloth, and instructions.

Another variation on the washable face mask is the “Reputable Artist’s Kit”. This kit contains everything that the wearer needs to create custom artwork. One sheet of clear acrylic paint is included, along with acrylic paints that are suitable for beginners, and two brushes. The kit includes reusable fingernail and pencils, which can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. Unlike other reusable cloth masks, reusable fingernail and pencils ensure that the colors will not bleed or rub off from the rest of your hair.

The PREVANT “arrell Able” Premium Face and Ear Loop answers the question frequently asked questions regarding ear loops and face masks. Designed with an adjustable, comfortably padded circumference and comfortably flat top, the loop earloop provides complete coverage for both ears. It comes with a matching set of ear muffs to ensure optimal protection. These earmuffs are made from premium cotton and are machine washable.

All of these face coverings come in a variety of colors and designs. If you are seeking the most comfortable fit, then the Cotton Candy Face and Ear Loop are for you. Both of these face and ear molds fit tightly around your ears and face, so that nothing is able to escape while you are listening to music or speaking on your phone. For those who have acne problems, there are disposable patches available for purchase. These are very easy to use and can be easily removed when the job is completed.

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