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Preventing Breakouts Using Pre- Modified Face Masks

A surgical face mask, also called a medical face mask, is designed to be worn during various medical procedures in order to avoid airborne transmission of microorganisms in patients and thereby avoid infection in the patient. It is usually made from rigid latex or vinyl that has been specially treated so as to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Face masks made from these materials are not only used during surgical procedures but in many other medical processes. A surgical face mask serves as a safety device during all types of surgeries since it prevents the entry of microorganisms and other organisms in the patient’s body. These masks are also used in the operating room and in hospitals where the risk of infection and contamination is very high.

There are several problems associated with masks that are used during surgery. One of these is difficulty breathing while wearing them. Usually the reason for this problem is that these masks contain a sterile solution that prevents the spread of infection in the patient’s body. The breathing difficulty is caused by the air passing through them. When this happens, there is an increased pressure around the nose forcing the mucus membrane to expand. This leads to difficulty breathing that causes a feeling of nausea and makes the patient to struggle to breathe.

Face cloths also have a problem of leakage when compared to disposable masks. These cloth masks have a vinyl coating that prevents the escape of bacteria and other microorganisms in and on the face. If this coating is damaged because of continuous use then it is easy to notice the presence of bacteria on the skin surface especially in cases of cuts and abrasions. For hygiene purposes, disposable masks are recommended since they are easier to clean and can be easily washed in hot water.

Face masks may fail to properly fit a wide variety of faces and cause discomfort to the wearer. The reason behind this failure is due to the design of the face mask that fails to follow the natural lines of the face. A good fit is required to prevent nose and mouth corners from moving outward which may cause blockage of the air passage ways. The position of the valves may also cause discomfort because of the fact that they are not placed at the right angle.

To resolve this problem, there are two kinds of face-goggle that can be used. One is the closed-face type where the face shield does not come open. The wearer must put on the face shield and breathe out through the nose while the wearer also holds the breath in his mouth. This can prevent the breakouts of mucus and dirt. The second kind of face-goggle which is called the open-faced type allows the wearer to remove the mask and breathe normally.

It is important for the surgical masks to be pre-measured and customized before being used. There are many companies that provide this service. It is recommended to contact one such company so as to get the best and safest product. Once you use the pre-measured and customized face-goggle, you need not worry about your breakout of mucus and dirt and you can lead a normal life with confidence.

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