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Preventing Cold Sores by Wearing Properly Your Handwash

A face mask is also known as a facial scrub or a facial cleanser. A face mask usually consists of a thin layer of material, such as cloth or latex, placed on the face. The face mask will then be covered in cleansing agents or natural oils, such as honey, that will help cleanse the skin without stripping away natural oils. A thick cloth face mask, often used during the cold winter months when facial distancing is almost impossible, is usually a very thin layer of material, similar to an ointment or lotion, worn over the nose and mouth. When effective facial masks aren’t available, and when natural facial distancing is almost impossible, cloth face masks are the best solution.

Face Mask

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to wear a face mask while getting sick. In fact, wearing a face mask during a cold or flu outbreak can actually make you worse. One reason is because face masks to prevent the spread of bacteria from one part of the body to another. However, if a person is already very sick, and they wear a face mask to keep from spreading their sickness to others, they can greatly reduce the duration of their illness. If you don’t have the time or money to wear a face mask while getting sick, consider one of these two alternatives:

Plastic Surgery Respirators (Surgical Face Masks) – During times when social distancing is nearly impossible due to illness, and a surgical face mask may prove useful. Surgical face masks can be worn during times of illness, and even during times of surgical procedures. This type of face mask can be very effective at reducing the spread of bacteria. These types of respirators are generally much thicker than cloth face masks and therefore are most commonly worn by health professionals. They do, however, often prove quite uncomfortable due to the thickness of the materials. However, the level of comfort depends upon the wearer’s preference.

Saline Nasal Sprays – Although they do not contain any antibacterial chemicals, saline nasal sprays prove very effective at reducing the number of bacteria that are showing symptoms of infection. Unfortunately, they are unable to kill nor prevent the virus itself from replicating. The number one benefit of using a saline spray is that they can be used throughout the year. Although they may not be as effective at preventing nor killing the virus that causes cold sores, they are still effective at containing the symptoms. They are also typically affordable, which makes them popular among people who want to use a product outside of their homes.

Nasal Drip Masks – Uses nasal drip molds or nasal sprays is a great way to avoid spreading the illness to other parts of your body. Nasal drip molds are very similar to mucus filled balloons that are often used in allergy attacks. The difference is that these are specifically designed to be worn by individuals with chronic illnesses, or those who are prone to getting sick. They are typically recommended for individuals up to six feet tall, as well as individuals who regularly engage in contact sports. This is because it allows them to remain in a relatively comfortable position while they cough or sneeze.

Filled Gift Bags – Although gift bags are ideal for any type of situation, they are especially effective at preventing the spread of the cold sore virus. When used correctly, they should be worn during all times of the day, as well as at night. During the day, they should be worn on both the inside and the outside of the hand, and between the thumb and the first finger of either hand. The best time to wear the filled bag is when you are sleeping, as the hands are not usually washed or handled during the night.

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