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Protect Your Skin With a Custom Printed Face Mask

Custom face masks have evolved into an iconic symbol of respect, purity, and formality. They are utilized by law enforcement personnel and first responders to protect their communities from harm. Facial protectors not only serve as lifesaving devices for emergency personnel and the injured, but they also have a unique ability to convey an underlying message of unity and peace. From funeral tributes to corporate headquarters, face shields have come a long way from their humble beginnings and are now used in many venues with an eye towards promoting unity, peace, and good faith amongst people.

Face Masks can be found in two basic forms: one-piece designs and two-piece designs. A one-piece design consists of a headgear attached to the mask and the remainder of the mask is worn around the head. Two-piece designs require that a removable face shield is placed on top of the molded front piece then secured with Velcro or other closures. Custom face masks made using these two basic assembly methods can be extremely versatile as each design can be replaced with another unit once worn. Two piece face shields are typically constructed using high-grade polyester fabric, a sturdy synthetic material which is capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear while maintaining shape, comfort, and accurate fit.

Polyester is renowned for being a highly resilient material which lends itself well to customization. In addition to resilience, polyester is also waterproof and will not stain or become affected by sun, wind, chlorine, or other elements. Unlike other materials, which can become discolored or lose shape after frequent use, polyester fabric maintains its original color and shape. Additionally, it is widely regarded as being hypoallergenic, meaning it allows people with sensitive skin to wear face masks without any adverse reaction. Additionally, polyester fabric can be washed and dried without losing elasticity or strength which makes it perfect for use as protective head coverings and protective eye wears.

Obtaining a custom face mask made from polyester fiber is quick and simple. Most companies offer an eight-week lead time which allows clients to receive their masks and have them on hand for testing and/or wearing throughout the eight-week trial period. To ensure your satisfaction, most companies offer a refund or exchange policy which allows you to return the mask if you are unhappy with your purchase. Companies with more flexible return policies tend to offer a larger selection of products which allows you to choose one face mask among many available for testing or wearing.

One advantage that comes along with using a company that offers custom-face masks, versus simply ordering them through a standard retailer, is the added assurance you receive regarding quality and safety. Most companies utilize high quality industrial vinyl which is capable of meeting stringent FDA standards for facial masks. In addition, most medical grade products feature lifetime warranty protections and customer service perks. Obtaining these guarantees ensures that you will receive only top of the line products that are tested and guaranteed for their strength and durability. Obtaining such products without the added financial investment provided by a company that specializes in medical grade items allows you to invest in durability rather than brand-name product.

Polyester is a popular material used in making many types of custom printed face masks. However, most medical grade companies do not offer a product which is primarily composed of this material. The reason for this is because polyester is not only difficult to clean but is also uncomfortable and difficult to apply to the skin. A medical grade mask which is made from 100% waterproof vinyl which can withstand continuous exposure to any type of condition is often used in conjunction with a reusable mask. This procedure allows patients to wear their mask when they are at home and allows them to maintain proper eye and face protection regardless of whether they are at home or working at their job.

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