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Protect Yourself With Custom Face Masks

How do you make money with a custom-face mask? Do you sell printed face masks? Yes, you sell printed face masks also in bulk. You may order in numbers of 10 (perfect for families), 100, and even 600. These plain printed face masks are perfect for welcoming back staff or giving masks to customers after you reopen your store.

If you want to sell customized neck gaiters that have a good fit, then it is much easier to order them in bulk. The cost per item is cheaper with higher numbers. You can either use standard size cloth face masks or customized ones made of fleece.

With printed cloth face masks, you have more choices. You can use different colors and designs, or just get one plain design for your staff. For customers, it is a matter of personal preference but remember to keep the occasion in mind. It would be silly to give out pink printed hoodies to women on a camping trip, while you give women pink face masks to celebrate a conference.

One thing to consider when ordering custom face masks is what you intend to use them for. A lot of businesses these days use them for promotional purposes and some even use them at their store to promote and sell their brand. If you intend to use them at your store, then you can either order in volume or have them dry cleaned. Dry cleaning can be quite costly so you may as well order in volume if you plan on using yours over again.

Custom printed fleece face masks or reusable adhesive face masks are also available online. Here you can choose from a wide range of designs and sizes. The advantage with these kinds of printed products is that they can be reused or disposed of at a later date. They are also very easy to use since they come with reusable ear loops and reusable face covers. Ear loops are important since they help in keeping the wearer’s hair in place thus avoiding muss and fuss.

Another good option when ordering custom face masks are disposable ones. These are useful in situations where there is an ongoing threat of contamination, skin irritation, allergic reactions, irritations due to chemicals, infections and allergies. Disposable face covers are made using non-porous polypropylene material and are usually in white colour. There are also customized wipes which are also used as personal protective equipment by health care workers, athletes and housewives.

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