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Protecting the Ears With a Face Mask

A plastic surgery face mask, also called a medical face mask, is an effective personal protection equipment worn by medical practitioners during various medical procedures. Masks come in different styles and sizes to fit the individual needs of the patient undergoing a procedure. There are surgical masks made up of flexible latex or other elastic material and non-flexible plastic pieces. Face masks can be used to protect the entire facial area from blood loss after a surgery or as protection during the procedure itself.

Face Mask

Face masks come in a variety of colors to suit the preference of each patient. Some are even used in healthcare settings as part of an emergency treatment response system. The most common use is as a nasal breathing apparatus that is worn for breathing until other assistance can be obtained. The wearer will have little control over the amount of breathing time provided but will have complete control over how soon the mask is removed.

Other uses include nasal dilators, to open the airway and facilitate nasal breathing; and as an eye protection, to protect the eyes from blood loss. Masks are often worn to protect the surgeon’s own nose during procedures or to minimize the exposure of other patients to contaminated fluids. Face masks are often used in medical settings when a patient has an out of body injury. These liquid droplets may contain infectious material and should never be shared with anyone other than the attending surgeon or the hospital staff. These specialized pieces of safety equipment are often worn to secure the accident victim’s head, to prevent movement and further contamination, and to limit airway bleeding.

Nasal sprays are another popular alternative to a face mask. Nasal sprays are small devices that spray a concentrated medication into the nose to reduce and prevent the spread of infections from one person to another. Some products have a feature which allows them to track the amount of medication dispensed to prevent excessive drug exposure, while others allow the wearer to determine when a refill is due.

Though face shields and nose clips have many benefits, they have some disadvantages as well. In some situations, the risk of contamination is enhanced because the face shield or the nose clip may be worn in public. When worn in and around the home, they may decrease the personal hygiene a person might have. Also, for people who are allergic to facial antiseptics, face shields can decrease the effectiveness of the medication they are taking.

Face shields, nose clips, and ear loops can be purchased in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes to meet individual needs. Many people prefer the one size fits all solution offered by these masks, which provides maximum protection and minimal inconvenience. Purchasing a face mask is not a decision to be made lightly but can have tremendous impact on the comfort of a patient and their ability to perform their daily activities safely and effectively.

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