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Protecting the Head, Face and Throat From Injuries

Face masks have multiple applications. Traditionally, these masks have contained herbs, oils, and other medicinal products to be applied to the face, often times in combination with other products. Face masks have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples from around the world, to sooth pain and prevent illness. A face mask can be used for pain or to treat colds and flu symptoms by infusing essential oils into the mask while it is worn.

Face Mask

An herbal face mask is essentially a small cloth face covering, made out of aromatic herbs, commonly tea tree oil, or lavender oil, worn on the face. While most face masks can be used as a natural way to alleviate discomfort from allergies, infections, or facial pain, some herbal remedies can be potent and should only be administered under professional guidance. If physical distancing isn’t possible, and if alternate forms of breathing are impossible, a cloth face mask will provide a medium for the aroma to penetrate the air.

Medical professionals have developed many different types of face masks, depending upon the situation. A medical scrub, for example, uses a cotton-based wipe to clean the face. This particular piece of equipment can also be used to apply topical medications, and to cleanse and disinfect medical settings, such as operating rooms and emergency rooms.

Biocompatible surgical masks, on the other hand, work by allowing air to flow through the mask, preventing irritants and other small particles from entering the breathing passageway. These devices are ideal for patients who are allergic to traditional surgical masks. A disposable face mask may be used during the same procedure, to allow the surgeon or other staff to clean the face without contaminating the air. If there is nothing to interfere with the patient’s ability to breathe, the surgical mask can be removed.

There is also a type of face mask called a Biopower respirator. These units use a rechargeable battery to create a constant supply of air for the wearer to breathe peacefully. The mask provides a higher level of airflow than that supplied by a disposable unit but is safer than a conventional disposable mask. When worn in the winter months, the Biopower face mask protects the wearer from the cold and blowing snow more effectively than a conventional mask does.

Ears are often the first part of the face to become damaged from trauma or accident. Rubber ear loops and ear drops are often the first solution, but they do not always offer the comfort or protection needed. Long term care practitioners have found small punctures in the ear loops and Eardrops are often difficult to clean. These devices have been developed by several companies, including Recon Instruments and Power Support Wearables. These products provide comfort and padding to help keep the Ears comfortable and also provide protection from debris and infection.

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