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Safety Tips When Using a Face Mask During Surgical Procedures

A face mask, otherwise known as an air mask, is designed to be worn only by medical professionals when conducting healthcare procedures. It’s designed to prevent various infections in healthcare personnel and patients by capturing bacteria from the patient’s nose and mouth and filtering liquid droplets and liquids released by the patient into the air.

Face Mask

Facial masks are usually available in two varieties – the soft and the hard type. The soft variety is more comfortable for the wearer while the hard variety of face masks are preferred by healthcare workers because of their protective quality.

While wearing the mask in the medical facility, it is essential that all healthcare staff adhere to certain rules and guidelines. The first is to keep the mask on for at least the duration of the procedure. This is important to prevent contamination of the surgical area with bacteria and dust mites, which may be present in the environment and in the nasal cavities of patients.

A surgical mask should not be used to remove the sweat from the patient during the procedure or during washing or bathing. Sweat can collect on the face and in case the patient uses the surgical mask to wash, he should wash his hands immediately after the procedure so that no further contamination takes place.

Another important rule is to protect the nose and the throat while wearing the surgical mask. The nose and throat should be covered and kept clear so that they don’t get contaminated. This may be achieved by putting an adhesive strip over the nose and throat to seal the skin.

In case of an emergency, the surgical face mask is available in different styles and colors, which may be preferred depending upon the situation. These types of face masks also have additional protective covers that can be used for further protection.

Since a surgical face mask should only be worn by trained personnel, it is important to keep them clean and well maintained. After each use, the patient must remove the mask and thoroughly dry his or her face with a towel. Make sure that the mask stays clean by wiping it with a damp towel.

When purchasing a surgical mask, ensure that it fits properly on the face. Make sure that the seal is intact and that the nose and the mouth are not open to let any air in.

Wearing a face mask for long periods can cause irritation to the patient’s nose and throat. To avoid this, use disposable face masks or the disposable nasal sprays that come with the packs.

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