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Selecting a Face Mask

Face Mask

Selecting a Face Mask

A surgical face mask, also called a dental face mask, is an important personal protective equipment often worn by medical professionals during certain medical procedures. The purpose of a face mask is to protect the patient’s head and neck from blood, infection, or trauma to the skin. Face masks are designed to be tight-fitting and should not be worn for extended periods of time. Face masks can be made from foam, latex, plastic, or cloth and can be used to prevent blood from entering the patient’s system.

Most facial masks are effective in preventing the entry of blood but only offer protection from infection and bleeding if they are properly used. Properly applied masks should be placed on the patient prior to the procedure and removed after the procedure to prevent contact with other skin. Masks that are too loose or too tight will cause discomfort for the patient or worse, infection. The best way to determine which mask is the right fit is to try it on. It is important that the mask does not restrict the patient’s breathing or affect the amount of oxygen carried to the face.

A face mask should be considered disposable once it has been worn through one patient. To ensure that the correct fit is maintained, it is best to purchase a new unit each time a new patient is added. Most masks are intended for a certain temperature and should be adjusted accordingly for each different patient. Masks purchased from retail outlets will have information and instructions for their use. Patients should ask their primary care physician, what type of masks are appropriate for their particular condition.

Certain types of face masks may contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. While some masks may contain hyaluronic acid, others may contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. If a doctor determines that a patient is allergic to one of the ingredients in a face mask that contains hyaluronic acid, it will be necessary to discontinue use and find a brand without this ingredient.

An effective face mask will contain ingredients that fight the bacteria responsible for severe respiratory infections. Many types of bacteria cause these illnesses and there are many different types of medications available to combat these problems. In some cases, doctors will prescribe a special face mask that contains an anti-parasitic to eliminate the illness.

Some patients find that they can reduce the discomfort caused by this illness through the liberal use of face masks. The goal of treatment is to alleviate the pain associated with this condition. Medications and methods vary widely. Each patient should discuss treatment options with a physician.

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