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Smith and Nephew Face Mask Benefits

Yes, if you’re in a public place in which you’ll be in close contact with others, you absolutely need to wear a face mask in your nose. Face masks to prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2; the deadly coronaviruses that cause CO VID-19, a disease carried by people who don’t know that they already have it. If you’re wondering why you need to wear one in the first place, let me explain. SARS is a highly contagious disease transmitted through the air, particularly through coughing and sneezing. It’s believed that up to 60% of the new cases recorded each year are directly caused by exposure to the airborne elements of a respiratory contagion, through whatever method of infection someone is currently experiencing.

When a person with this disease breathes, tiny droplets of saliva leak out from their mouth onto their face, or into the air, depending on the specific type of ailment. If there is no barrier to the release of these tiny droplets, they combine together and end up collecting at the corner of the eyes, where they start to rub against the cornea. The result is an itch that gets worse when no one wears a face mask to protect themselves from the elements. Eventually, these tiny droplets create enough of a stench to make the infected individual turn red, which conveys a burning sensation that is visible to the other people around him.

A face mask can stop the spread of the disease by literally keeping the small droplets of saliva from filling the eyes and causing the patient to turn red. So it is important that everyone wear masks while out in public, especially children. But wearing a mask isn’t sufficient enough to limit its transmission properties; the materials used to make the masks must also effectively trap viruses and bacteria. Luckily, manufacturers of many masks have addressed this issue by using special technologies that produce excellent protection from bacteria and viruses.

One of the most advanced technologies that are now being used to manufacture a quality face mask is Covid masks, which are made by Smith and Nephew. The technology behind a Covid-mask (sometimes referred to as a “double-stay” or “uv-sealed” mask) is much more advanced than the conventional vinyl varieties that most people are familiar with. These advanced masks use a patented “dry-tech” construction process that ensures that no moisture is trapped inside the mask. Because no moisture is trapped inside, people won’t be as likely to develop an immediate allergic reaction to the material contained within the mask, especially if they are wearing it under their regular helmet or other protective mask. The same results can be achieved with disposable masks, but because no biological contaminants are trapped, a much larger percentage of the population may experience adverse reactions to them.

People who suffer from severe allergies will also find the benefits of face masks help prevent the transmission of their pollen and other irritant triggers to others. Because the face is a cavity surrounded by a thin layer of air, it is prime territory for the transmission of allergens. Many individuals who suffer from pollen or other irritant-related allergies have no choice but to wear a protective mask whenever they are outside. Unfortunately, most of those same individuals often have to walk in traffic while suffering from such allergies, putting them at risk for automobile accidents. A well-made, high-end mask, like the Smith and Nephew brand, will allow someone who is allergic to dust or pollen to still wear the mask and function during their commute without any danger. This same technology has been used by Smith and Nephew to create the “Allergy Relief Style” respirator line, which is designed to be worn during extended periods of time and still provide excellent protection against airborne allergens.

The last benefit to consider is the benefit of protection that a mask provides to the nose. Since the nose is the area where we breathe the most, a quality face mask will ensure that our lungs are not contaminated by the residue left behind by other particles of skin and hair. While the Smith and Nephew line offers breathing masks that protect the nose as well, they also provide a line for those who are more concerned with protecting the hairline and overall appearance of their nose, rather than the actual nose itself. The Covid-19 line offers a nose protector made out of breathable, silicon-based material, while keeping the wearer’s hairline clean and smooth.

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