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Stop Trouble Breathing With A Face Mask

A face mask, also called a nasal mask, is a covering designed to cover the nose and mouth. It is often used as part of a sleep apnoea treatment, as it helps to prevent or reduce apnoeas during sleep. They can be worn in a variety of ways, including as part of a regular sleeping face mask, for therapeutic use in an OSA treatment, or for sporting purposes. These masks also have other cosmetic and health benefits.

DescriptionA standard cloth face mask is typically a thin-woven cloth, typically cotton, worn on the cheeks to cover the nose and mouth. While effective traditional masks were hard to obtain, and sometimes impossible to apply by oneself, modern face masks can be purchased online or at a medical supply store. Modern designs are often more comfortable than older ones, which can help to make them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. These types of masks have a variety of benefits, which depend largely on the individual who will be wearing them. Some people find that they are very comfortable, while others notice a difference in comfort after wearing them for several hours or so.

Benefits The most common benefit of using a face mask in the OSA treatment is the reduction or elimination of snoring. Because the patient is confined to a face mask when sleeping, they do not breathe through their nose or mouth, so they do not experience the vibration caused when air moves past a blocked or narrowed airway. This prevents the apnoea from occurring. The patient will no longer wake up with a sore throat or a sore chest.

Method Of Application Often designed to be worn overnight, a face mask can be worn during the night as a part of your normal bedside attire. In fact, it may be worn outside the bed as well, if at all possible. One of the biggest benefits of this method of application is that there is no need to remove the adhesive from the mouthpiece or mask, which can be difficult to do and often leads to the person wearing it feeling uncomfortable. The mouthpiece or mask can even be worn over glasses, to prevent contact with hard surfaces.

Wearing Of Face Masks Many different face masks can be worn, depending upon the individuals needs. For those patients suffering from sleep apnoea, a disposable plastic mask, like the Snore Guard, may be worn during the night. Patients suffering from post-nasal drip often wear plastic masks, similar to those used by asthmatics. A cloth face mask, which can be worn with or without a headpiece, can also be worn in the evening. If you prefer to wear a face mask outdoors, you can often find ones that double as a humidifier, which will keep your indoor air dryer.

Disposable Masks One of the main reasons that people have problems breathing is because they are not taking care of their mouths and faces. Many cloth face masks come with washable liners, which make them easy to replace should you get them dirty or start experiencing difficulties breathing. If you have trouble breathing, your family may even start to notice. When you have a clean mask, this becomes much easier to deal with.

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