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Surgical Face Mask

A surgical face mask is commonly called a medical face mask and is designed to be worn only by medical professionals while treating patients in hospitals or other medical facilities. Surgical masks are meant to prevent infection in patients and thus, treating staff and patients by capturing any bacteria shed in droplets and liquid droppings from the wearer’s nose and mouth. It is essential for a surgical technician or other medical personnel to wear a surgical mask to minimize the risks of infection.

Surgical mask is made up of special parts which are designed in such a manner that they will not come into contact with other objects during the procedure and can also be removed and washed easily. Specialized surgical face masks provide easy access to air passage and help in ventilation process. They are made of special materials like latex that helps in absorbing sweat, dust and moisture from the body.

Surgical face masks usually have one or more disposable filters that contain an anti-bacterial agent which prevents the spread of bacterial infection. These filters are easily removed and replaced. The disposable filters are used for disinfection of the surgical site.

Surgical face masks come in two main varieties namely, the wet and dry surgical masks. Both surgical masks use the same filter and therefore both types are effective in eliminating bacteria from the patient’s respiratory system.

Surgical mask must be used according to the type of procedure and its duration. Wet surgical masks are used for shorter durations, whereas dry surgical masks are used for longer durations. Most of these disposable masks come with safety locking mechanism and a release valve to ensure easy and safe removal of the filter and the mask.

Surgical mask is made up of special breathing apparatus which helps in providing oxygen supply to the patients. The nasal area is closed and a mask is placed over the nose. The nasal breathing apparatus has two parts namely, a mouthpiece and a nosepiece.

The nosepiece is placed on the upper part of the nose while the mouthpiece is placed on the lower part of the nose. The nasal breathing apparatus is attached to the face mask with the help of plastic tubes which are sealed with a sealing band. The nasal breathing apparatus is connected to the face mask using a special breathing tube and is attached to the mask with the help of the nose and the mouthpiece.

The disposable filter is attached to the mouthpiece with the help of a plastic seal. This filter is used for replacing the ones that are lost during the cleaning and drying process. and for cleaning purposes.

These disposable filters are usually disposable and last for six months. Most of them are available in a single size that can be inserted or removed without removing the nosepiece and mouthpiece from the mask.

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