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Surgical Face Shield: The Importance of Using a Surgical Mask

A surgical face mask, also called a surgical face shield, is designed to be worn by medical professionals during certain health care procedures. Surgical face shields are designed to reduce the chances of bacterial infection in patients treating other individuals and by capturing airborne bacteria that may be shed into the air and droplets from the patient’s mouth. Some masks have been designed to completely eliminate the need for an unassisted touch up. Most surgical masks are made of sterile materials with clear, removable filters. Medical professionals who have become accustomed to using the surgical face shield can perform daily tasks with confidence when they have complete confidence in using the surgical face shield.

During routine patient care, medical practitioners are required to perform daily tasks such as cleaning the surgical room, administering anesthesia, and performing procedures. Because they wear a surgical face shield, these healthcare professionals are able to perform all of these tasks without having to remove their own masks. These tasks allow the healthcare providers to maintain an open line of communication between themselves and patients. Medical practitioners are also able to perform these tasks without any unnecessary interruption. However, if a surgical face shield breaks, this communication is interrupted, which is important for healthcare workers to remain comfortable in a surgical setting.

Surgical face shields, especially those that are made of disposable plastic materials, are inexpensive to buy, but they are much more expensive to use. This is because disposable plastic surgical masks are often used on a continuous basis and require frequent replacement. The cost of replacing disposable plastic surgical masks can quickly add up to the cost of the surgical face shield, which is why disposable plastic surgical masks are not purchased routinely by most healthcare providers. In order to purchase a disposable plastic surgical masks, most healthcare providers must go through a training session to receive certification in the use of disposable plastic surgical masks. As such most healthcare providers use disposable plastic surgical masks when they are at home performing daily tasks without the assistance of medical professional.

In addition to training, most healthcare providers have to take refresher courses in the use of disposable plastic surgical masks every few years. After years of continued use of disposable plastic surgical masks, some medical practitioners cannot perform daily tasks as easily without their disposable plastic surgical masks. Since most of these medical practitioners have been training to wear disposable plastic surgical masks for several years, they tend to have a more developed level of comfort with these masks.

Surgical face shields are available in many sizes and shapes. They are often made of clear plastic and are available in both disposable and reusable plastic packages. Many plastic surgical masks can be purchased in single or double packs and can be purchased in various thicknesses and lengths. However, some surgical masks, especially those that are made of disposable plastic materials, are only available in one thickness, while others are available in a multiple pack. The thickness of the plastic masks that are used depends upon the level of safety that each mask must provide.

Medical practitioners should always remember that wearing a surgical face shield provides additional benefits. Surgical face shields reduce the risks of infection by preventing the spread of bacteria from one patient to another through touch, while also reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens to other individuals that are not wearing a surgical face shield. The protective nature of the surgical face shield also ensures that the patients can perform their daily tasks safely, without having to worry about infection that may be spread by a third party.

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