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Surgical Mask – An Important Medical Equipment

A surgical face mask, sometimes called an oral face mask, is designed to be worn by medical professionals during medical care procedures. Surgical masks are designed to prevent infections in medical staff and preventing accidental infections by capturing airborne bacteria and liquid droplets on the skin of the wearer, and shedding by falling into the open air. In this article we will look at how the word “mask” came into use in reference to these products. We will also look at some common misconceptions surrounding this product and how these misconceptions affect consumers. Finally we will examine some of the benefits of using dental floss as opposed to a surgical face mask.

Face Mask

Surgical facial masks have historically been used to protect the face of a surgical patient, and in particular to protect the eyes of the surgeon whilst operating on the patient. Face masks have been used to protect the mouth of the surgeon whilst operating on a patient and are often used to prevent accidental spills on the operating table by covering the mouth or nose of the surgeon and preventing accidental leaks onto the operating table cloths. These protective covering have been a major advancement in the field of surgical sterilization and have come a long way in their use over the last century. However it has become increasingly clear that there are many different benefits of using these devices other than simply covering the nose and mouth when performing operations. Below we will look at some benefits and disadvantages associated with dental floss and face masks.

The biggest benefit of these devices is that they do exactly what they say they are going to do, which is to protect the surgeon and his or her hands and face from accidental splash and droplets of fluid which can cause infection. This is achieved through the material that surgical mask uses, which is a nitrile plastic. Nitrile plastic is flexible and elastic, which enables it to stretch to conform to the shape of the face while remaining within the limits of safety, as well as acting to eliminate the need for the surgeon to pull the mask away from the face when performing operations. Therefore no matter how large the volumes of fluid which may be involved or the conditions under which the operation is taking place, a surgical mask will be perfectly capable of containing the fluid without releasing any of its substance onto the patient.

Despite the use of surgical masks, there is still a need for healthcare professionals to use other forms of physical distancing, especially when operating in areas of high infection risk. These include surgical gloves. Gloves are often utilised as short-supply items due to the fact that they are required to have a very long lifespan. While disposable medical gloves can offer a quick solution to the problem of contamination, their use as a form of physical distancing is not necessarily the best solution. However on the flip side, by using higher quality surgical gloves as a form of physical distancing, it is then possible to reduce the risks of contamination by reducing the chances of mechanical pressures causing bacterial contamination on the skin surface.

The use of surgical masks is often coupled with the use of N95 Respirators. N95 Respirators are specially designed to provide protection against airborne infectious agents. If an infection were to take hold within the surgical mask and inhalation of contaminated air, it would most likely lead to the spread of potentially harmful bacteria. In order to reduce this, a protective face mask needs to be used in conjunction with a high grade N95 respirator. This ensures that all staff at all times are wearing the highest level of personal protection available.

A surgical mask may not appear to have an impact on the level of comfort of the user. However, this could not be further from the truth. The use of a surgical mask may have one very distinct and very significant benefit: it dramatically reduces the chances of any small particles becoming lodged in the nose and throat, which can cause immediate discomfort and ultimately, even life-threatening circumstances. As medical experts continually advise, a surgical mask may be the only way to completely guarantee the safety of all surgical patients.

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