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Surgical Mask – Protecting Patients From Infections

A surgical face mask is commonly used by medical professionals in hospitals to protect their patients during certain procedures. It is designed in such a way that it catches airborne bacteria and liquid droppings from the patient’s mouth and nose, which can cause infections in hospital staff and patients. An important aspect of a surgical mask is the seal that covers the nose and mouth. This seal prevents the mucus from entering the nasal cavities and the throat.

Surgical masks are specifically made for the purpose of removing nasal mucus, which may be caused by infection or allergy. This mucus can get accumulated in the nostrils and nasal cavities due to allergies or infections. Some of these infections can cause obstruction in the breathing, thus, causing suffocation. A surgical face mask is designed with a seal that is placed over the nostrils, nose and mouth, ensuring that all the air will pass through the nose and lungs. It does not allow mucus to go outside the nasal cavity.

Surgical masks can be used by patients before and after certain surgical procedures, which includes ear surgery. Before the procedure, the patient should wear his surgical face mask while he is under the anesthesia. The mask will prevent mucus from getting into the nasal cavity and throat, preventing any damage to the tissues. Once the surgery is done, the patient can go back to normal life. However, if the surgical mask is not worn properly or if it becomes too dirty, there are chances of the bacteria spreading, which can cause infections. When this happens, the patient would be unable to return to his normal activities for a period of time, so it is important that the mask should be cleaned thoroughly after every use.

Surgical masks may vary in color depending on the type of surgical procedure that they are used for. There are red surgical masks, white surgical masks and blue surgical masks, which are suitable for different types of surgeries. The patients should ensure that the colors are suitable for the procedure that they are having, so that the mask would look the same after the procedure. Although some patients may find it convenient to wear pink surgical masks, this type of mask should be avoided as pink surgical masks are not as effective as red or blue surgical masks.

The surgical mask also features an airtight seal that prevents bacterial growth. The seal prevents the mucus from getting in the nasal cavity and throat, preventing any damage to the tissues of the nose and throat. However, these masks have their own limitations, as they cannot be worn for long periods of time. They can only be used during short periods of time. If you plan to wear these masks for a long time period, it is better to use disposable ones.

It is best to choose one made of a good quality material for this purpose, such as polyester, which can provide good comfort, in case it is worn for a prolonged period of time. A surgical face mask should fit perfectly on the nose and mouth, allowing the patient to breathe easily without the slightest pressure on the skin.

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