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The 4 Types of Custom Face Mask Materials

How much are custom face masks going to cost you? The price of your custom face masks really depends on several factors, including the quantity of masks you request and the variety of colors utilized in your design. By making pricing information available online you took the guessing out by making a price determination easy and transparent. In most cases the face mask, you like will not be available at a given store so you have to take some creative approaches to finding a mask that matches your style. Here are a few common methods for figuring out how much your face mask is going to cost:

o Discount retail stores: Many discount retailers like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s carry a good variety of facial masks. Some of these retailers also offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. You can get very reasonable prices on high quality, designer brands. This is an especially useful method when making a custom face mask because the mask, once purchased, may not be used again. Shipping costs will likely negate any savings you get from the discount retailer anyway because they charge more for shipping than conventional retailers. You may however be able to get away with paying a little more for the product since it will be used differently than in a store setting.

o Internet stores: Internet stores can give you a large selection of face masks that fit your style. Prices on high-end printed masks can be as much as 50% cheaper than they would be in a retail store. Even the smallest print shops have websites that allow them to sell items online at prices that cannot be matched by brick and mortar businesses. Some of the larger retail stores that you might see in the mall have extensive catalog offerings that feature printed face masks. If your plan is to make a large print run, this is probably the best way to get the mask that you want for a price that will not break the bank.

o Cloth face masks: A good cloth face mask can be made from any fabric that is comfortable to wear. This can save you the cost of custom printing on your mask, since you will be using the same exact material that you have used for the rest of your wardrobe. Most cloth masks are made with some sort of natural thread or plastic to help them remain wrinkle-free. The thread can also help keep the mask from wrinkling up so quickly.

o Ear loops: Printed face masks made of clear or colored foam can be made less expensively if you use molded ear loops instead of fancy ear loops. Clear ear loops with a tiny bit of Velcro will do the trick, because you do not have to tie around your ears like you would with a printed mask. Using molded ear loops instead also allows you to add embroidery or other decorations to the printed mask.

o Ear muffs: Maintaining a perfect appearance is all about balance so when choosing which cloth face mask to use you will have to find a good pair of ear muffs to give you just that perfect look. If you have a fuller face and your hair is short, ear muffs may not be the best option for your facial structure, but if you have a long face and you would like to shorten it, a muffed cloth face mask will work great for you. You can even jazz up your ears by adding a little bling!

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