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The Benefits of Using a Surgical Face Mask for Dental Care

A surgical face mask, also known as an oral irrigator, is designed for use by medical personnel during oral surgery procedures. It is designed to keep bacteria from being absorbed into the patient’s mouth and esophagus by capturing bacteria dropped by the patient’s mouth and nose and by capturing droplets of liquid droppings and secretions from the patient’s mouth. A person who is undergoing a procedure can put on a surgical face mask with their hands or they can just remove their hands and place them over the mask and begin to wear it. The mask will help them stay comfortable while they are wearing it.

An oral irrigator may be used to assist in facial irrigation. During the procedure, a sterile instrument, called an irrigation cannula is placed in the lower or side of the patient’s mouth. The patient will then be instructed to insert one hand or more fingers into the cannula to allow the irrigating liquid to flow into their mouth. The amount of fluid they receive depends on the amount of fluid required to treat the treatment.

Many times patients experience pain from dental surgery, and often their mouth feels sore when the procedure is completed. Oral irrigators may be helpful for these patients, because it helps to reduce some of the pain that they experience during this procedure.

Surgical face masks are sometimes used for general anesthesia. During this procedure, a patient may feel numbness or tingling in the face area. Using a facial irrigator may provide relief to this numbness.

Medical practitioners who perform dental surgeries will sometimes use surgical face masks to help prevent infection during procedures. Infections are sometimes a problem for patients who have not been treated properly with antibiotics and have a reduced immune system. An oral irrigator will reduce the possibility of bacteria entering the bloodstream through the mouth.

The benefits of using a surgical mask to improve dental care cannot be overstated. These devices help patients avoid discomfort during dental procedures and they are able to work effectively to reduce infection. In addition, these devices are inexpensive and readily available to patients who require them. They do not take up valuable space in the mouth and they can be very effective in providing a good level of oral hygiene for patients. No matter what the purpose that they serve, they are an essential part of ensuring that patients can have a pleasant experience during their dental procedures.

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