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The Correct Fit For Your Custom Face Mask

Custom face masks are specially designed to contour and have a right and wrong way down. They have an upper bridge for the nose and a slightly rounded bottom for your chin to come over the jaw. Each mask is unique with an arrow on its tag indicating the uppermost point of the nose.

If you are someone who wears customized masks to cover your nose, the bridge needs to be long enough to be able to bend backwards when you are bending forward in order for the custom masks to fit. If it is too short, the bridge will not even cover the bridge of the nose and may even make it appear like you have no nose at all. You can bend your neck backwards without a problem by using a piece of masking tape or some type of strapping device to hold the bridge in place and straighten out the curve. You should be careful not to use too much strapping in order to avoid a neck that will cave in when you bend.

The nose must be proportionate to the rest of your face and should sit on the bridge of the nose just slightly above the line of the cheekbones. This will give the custom masks an even look and prevent it from being too long or too short in the eyes.

The lower edge of the face mask must be positioned slightly forward so that it will cover the width of the eye or about 1.2 inches around the eye. It is important that this end is kept as straight and flat as possible to achieve the maximum benefit of the customized face mask. The top edge of the mask should be slightly flared out to allow for breathing air to flow through it. If there is not enough ventilation for the air flow, then the mask will not be effective at all.

If you are going to use a printed face mask, you will need to get an exact measurement of the area around your eyes and draw a line in the middle. You will need to add two extra inches of clearance by placing a measuring tape on the top of the line and another tape measuring the distance between the top and bottom lines, then cutting off about an inch from each side.

Customized face masks help make a person look their best and make them feel better about themselves. With a custom mask, you will be sure to keep a safe and comfortable fit that will prevent irritation of the skin and even out skin tone.

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