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The Different Types Of Face Masks

Facial masks are used to combat a number of facial problems and issues. A facial mask, sometimes called a full face mask, is a face mask that covers the entire face from brow to chin. Face masks have become increasingly popular as individuals attempt to combat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, aging signs, redness, blemishes and sagging skin.

Face Mask

A face mask can be worn to tighten skin and contour. Face masks can also be worn to soften the appearance of wrinkles and creases. If possible, face masks should be worn every day. If this cannot be done, face masks can be worn once or twice a week. When face masks are worn regularly, smelly discharge from the pores in the skin under the mask can be reduced, resulting in less acne breakouts.

A surgical mask, also known as an intranet surgical mask, is a surgical mask that is worn for breathing purposes, either to cleanse the lungs or to facilitate speech. Intranet surgical masks can be worn on either the upper or lower face. Surgical masks that cover only the nose are called nasal splints and those that cover both the nose and mouth are calling full nasal masks.

In some situations, one may want to have both an upper and lower face mask at the same time, for breathing purposes. This is referred to as a nasal-split mask and is an advanced aesthetic surgery. Many medical practitioners that specialize in facial cosmetic surgery recommend not wearing nasal strips because they do increase the risk of bleeding from the nasal mucosa. Therefore, many patients that require two different face masks choose to wear a nasal-splint or a full nasal mask at the same time.

Ear loops are devices that fit over your ears and prevent them from falling out of your face mask. An elastic band that goes around your ear loops will loosen as you sleep so that they will be able to expand to hold your earlobe in place while you sleep. The ear loops that accommodate a hand sanitizer are known as nostril loops. They fit under the nose and the bridge of the nose, so that the nostrils are open when the mask is worn. These ear loops have an expandable cuff that attaches to the face mask and then to your earlobe to keep them in place.

For children, there are specially designed face masks that fit their mouths. They are known as nasal plugs and are made to attach to the back of a child’s nose so that air can freely flow through. These face masks may cause irritation of the soft palate, so it is important that you instruct your child about the importance of cleanliness and the importance of wearing ear loops. Ear loops and nasal plugs are also recommended for children who suffer from allergies or asthma, since they prevent dust particles from entering into their airways.

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