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The History of the Face Mask

A face mask, also referred to as a full facial mask, is usually worn by medical professionals in healthcare settings. It is specifically designed to help prevent infections in staff and patients by capturing bacteria shed from the mouth and nose of the wearer and trapping it in droplets in the mask to prevent infection. Some other types of face masks are used by the public as well such as to protect against the effects of smoke or to protect from the effects of the sun. This article will describe the history of the face mask and some important facts about the use of the mask.

Face Mask

The history of the face mask can be traced back to ancient Egypt where masks were used to beautify the face of the Pharaoh. The mask was made of leather with a wreath of feathers on top, usually red in color, and worn on the head, arms and shoulders. The masks were believed to ward off evil spirits.

In ancient days, the head of a person was painted with red paint. People also used a wide variety of different types of paints for the masks, which included brown, red, yellow and even green, blue and black. There was a belief that using these colors on the skin would keep away bad spirits from it. Today, there are still people who believe that using red paint on the face would protect them from bad things.

Ancient Greece is also thought to be the first civilization to make use of the mask. It was worn on the brow of a person, but the mask was very different than the one used today. It was decorated with jewels, and many times it was made to look like an animal. The Greek mask is made up of leather and can either be a single piece or two pieces sewn together.

Ancient civilizations used masks to protect themselves from the sun. These masks were often made of brightly colored cloth and were used to make the face appear to be larger when the sun was shining. This was done by placing cloth over the eyes so that the light from the sun would shine into the eye and cause it to appear to be larger. These cloths were not only used to make the face appear larger, but they were also used to cover the mouth areas as well. They were used in order to stop colds and fever from coming into a person’s body.

In China, the face mask is believed to have originated from when they wore masks made out of straw in order to protect their faces from insects. This tradition continued with the use of cloth as protection from sunlight as well. Chinese people would place a cloth covering over their faces to make them look like they were covered in straw. This is thought to have been more common than the cloth masks that were used in Egypt, Greece and other ancient civilizations. Today, the face masks are made from plastic instead of cloth. They are designed differently than the ones used in the past.

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