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The Importance of A Surgical Face Shield

A surgical face mask, also called a surgical face shield, is designed to be worn only by certified medical personnel during medical procedures. These protective devices are designed to prevent the patient’s eyes, nose, mouth and nasal passages from being affected by foreign objects, and they are commonly worn in surgeries such as facial plastic surgery, ear reconstruction, reconstructive surgery, face lift and liposuction.

Face Mask

There are several types of surgical face masks available on the market, depending on the type of procedure required. In face lifts, for example, the surgeon places a shield over the face and injects local anesthesia before using a tool to cut away the excess skin and tissue in the affected area. In some cases, such as when an operation will be done on a young patient with thin facial skin, surgeons may use a shield after cutting away excess skin and tissue in order to protect the delicate and young eyes.

For ear reconstructive surgeries, the surgeon removes excess skin from around the ears. The ear is then placed on a rigid plate, which is then secured in place by pins and screws. The plates and pins are usually attached to the patient using adhesive. After the procedure, the surgeon places the ears back in the patients face.

In reconstructive surgery, the face is made into a more pleasing form using plastic or metal implants. Sometimes, the face is used in conjunction with facial surgery, such as for the removal of excess skin and tissue to improve older patients face or to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Many surgeons wear a surgical face shield before performing any facial surgery. Some surgeons even prefer to wear their face shield for the first few hours of every surgical operation. Although it does not have to do with the safety of the patient, it is important that the surgeon is able to perform his or her job properly without the risk of damaging the patient’s face. By wearing a face shield, the surgeon is able to do this.

A surgical face shield is a necessity for all physicians, no matter what their specialty. In addition to being highly effective in protecting the face and keeping the eyes from injury, these devices are highly hygienic and easy to maintain. Because of the protection they provide, a surgical face shield has become the preferred method of patient and physician communication in many surgical procedures, making life easier and safer for everyone.

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