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The Many Uses of a Medical Face Mask

A face mask, also called a medical face mask, generally is worn by doctors and other health professionals to protect them from infections during medical procedures. Medical masks are designed to prevent infection from spreading in patients, and by trapping airborne bacteria shed from the patient’s mouth and nose before it enters into the patient’s blood stream.

The first medical mask used was created in 1920, when a doctor developed a mask that he made out of bandages, petroleum jelly, and linen that was used to protect his face while he was operating on a patient with a wound. This mask was a boon for the hospital in that it did not require an IV or intravenous fluids. Today, there are many different masks available to use in hospitals and clinics across the world and each one is designed to protect the user’s skin from contamination.

In the medical field today, face masks differ based on the type of procedure that the user is performing. For example, face masks may be used to cleanse wounds, such as burns and ulcers, or to clean the nose of mucus and other foreign bodies that have been caught in the respiratory tract while a patient was coughing or sneezing. Other types of face masks that may be used include nasal irrigators for the treatment of sinusitis, nasal sprays and irrigators for treating colds and coughs. The mask may be used to cleanse the mouth after swallowing food, for the treatment of chapped lips, or for the treatment of gum disease.

Another type of face mask that is commonly used in the medical profession uses a variety of oils to lubricate the face. This type of mask is generally worn by dentists and their assistants while cleaning the teeth. These special masks may be made of latex, a type of rubber, or petroleum jelly. There are also some special types of face masks that can be placed over the eyes to protect them.

If you are working with an incision, you can use a face mask that is made of gauze. These are often used on the area just below the incision for covering up the wound and protecting the patient from infection. Another type of face mask that is commonly used in the medical field is used for the treatment of post-operative pain, such as the one used on people who are recovering from surgery and the one used on patients who had chemotherapy treatment during their treatment.

Whether the medical procedure that you are about to have is for a minor surgery or one that will need extensive recovery time, a face mask can help to protect you while you recover and to increase your chances of success during your treatment. If you choose a good quality face mask from a reputable source, you should be protected against infections and other potential dangers.

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