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Three Reasons Why You Should Send Gifts With Fortnite

The object of the game of Monopoly is to become the richest player. So what happens when your competitor gets a better deal than you? Well, if you are an economic genius you probably will not do anything. However, if you are not a bright thinker you probably will cave in and purchase the property that is better off after the other guy leaves town. Well, in this case it is true that you will indeed get richer than the fellow who just sold his house.

If you think that cheating in Fortnite is funny, you probably remember the scene in the movie where the guy is playing blackjack and he rolls sixes. Well, now you can actually take your revenge on your cheating rival by stealing all of originality in the Monopoly Fortnite edition. Plus, you also get to find out who your biggest competitor is really a liar.

Have you dreamed of opening up your boombox and suddenly a new bag appears with an amount of money you never imagined was possible? Well now you can! Thanks to the Fortnite expansion, all gamers can enjoy the joys of prosperity by purchasing the official fortnite loot crate.

What can you expect from the Fortnite loot crate? Well, first of all you will receive one hundred percent of the profit from all purchases inside the crate. You also get to buy new weapons and items that you didn’t have any space for before. The best part about gifting items with this system is that you are not limited to only buying the items that are available in the official Fortnite loot crate. As a matter of fact, any of the player’s personal loot can be added into the crate.

So you’ve decided to send gifts with Fortnite. But how many gifts can you send at one time? Unfortunately, there are not any settings in-game that allow players to set a limit on how many gifts they can send. However, there are some things you can do in-game to increase the limit. Below is a list of the three most effective tricks:

Hopefully you now know more about what Fortnite has to offer. Not only can you purchase the official loot crate, but you can also purchase extra crates for your friends. If you’re looking for an unusual present for someone, or even a present for yourself, the Fortnite community has it all. Send gifts with Fortnite to your family, friends and other players around the world, and open up all of their possibilities.

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