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Tips For Building The Top Tier Fortnite Gear Sets

While the virtual fighting game is generally free, there are a ton of Fortnite giveaways available that are certain to make enthusiasts happy this season. From sure bets such as in-game money to cool tees and action figures to more flexible options like in game loot and decorations, Fortnite gifting guide covers far more ground to help you select the perfect gift. Don’t worry if your budget is low; there are a number of ways you can purchase inexpensive yet desirable items and still have them come out big. For example, how many people do you know who own a Nintendo Wii? Chances are, they won’t be giving it away, but they’d certainly love to receive some accessories or new games and accessories.


One of the most popular Fortnite giveaways are the Fortnite loot boxes, which are essentially chests that drop rare items that can then be used by the fortniner. If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who plays the game, consider a Fortnite loot box instead of a traditional gift certificate. Why? Because the contents inside are always new, allowing players to keep their characters and continue playing even after winning the game. With all of the different things available, it’s easy to see why Fortnite lootboxes are among the top Fortnite giveaway ideas.

Another popular item that you can purchase as a Fortnite giveaway is the Fortnite Battle Royale skin. This is a special edition mask that players will receive as a final gift from reaching level 20. The Battle Royale skin comes with an icon and is available in both soft and hardy versions. As with the loot box, this is something that you can typically only find at certain online retailers. Like the loot, the Battle Royale is also limited in supply. For these reasons, you should buy several of them for your Fortnite friends to give as gifts.

To round out your list of popular Fortnite giveaway ideas, there is the Fortnite Battle Royale skin, which can also be purchased separately. Just like the loot, it too is limited in supply and can only be found at specific retailers. The Battle Royale skin comes with an icon and is available in both soft and hardy versions. If you want to treat your friends to one of the most popular and successful fortnite gear sets ever, consider these two items.

If you have already bought one of the Fortnite gear sets, or you are just looking for more Fortnite giveaways to give away, there is another great option. You can purchase an additional 10 pieces of the gear that makes the basic set complete. This way, your friends will have the exact same gear set as you, without having to buy an additional one. To purchase these extras, visit a number of online retail stores. You can also purchase them separately, but the Fortnite Battle Royale skin and the Battle Royale toolbox will be more difficult to locate if you do not know where to look. The skin is relatively inexpensive, although it may be worth the extra investment for some of your friends.

If you are looking for a great gift for someone who is an avid fan of the Fortnite games or the site itself, you may want to consider a Fortnite battle arena. You can purchase one of these arenas, complete with a pit to battle on, for a reasonable price. You can also purchase additional accessories and other fortnite gear at the store. Using the Fortnite top tier gifts, and the various fortnite accessories can be a very rewarding experience. Using these options to build a fort shouldn’t be expensive, and you can build one quickly using these tips.

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