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Tips for Getting a Fortnite Video Game for Everyone Loves

From devoted gamer socks to stuffed loot lamas and Boogie Bomb drinks, these are just some of the nicest gifts for Fortnite fans you can purchase this season. This tiny, adorably little Loot Llama speaker will play music for eight hours straight and comes in many other Fortnite-inspired shapes, too. It’s so cute you’ll forget you’re listening to loud music while you play the game.

For the truly adventurous, a very cool (and rare) addition is a full, functioning, and extremely comfortable bed inside a special Fortnite-shaped house. Inside the fortnite-themed bed you’ll find a-bucks, a kind of currency used in the game to acquire power ups, upgrades, special items and recipes for your workshop. When you have enough v-bucks collected to buy an item from the crafting station, you’ll be able to see a cutout of yourself (playing Fortnite, of course) that appears to be standing next to the bed. The bed itself can be decorated using items from your loot bag, and when you’ve collected more v-bucks than you have to spend on the bed it’ll convert into a mini-house that includes a sewing table, a miniature refrigerator and an apple or two table tennis tables.

To complete your fortnite-inspired home, a neat touch would be to get a fun Fortnite Battle Bus toy. This little metal robot will follow you around the play area and back to your base with its handy remote control. The Battle Bus isn’t like other toys in that it won’t run out of gas, it won’t break easily, and it won’t get lost. What it does have, though, is the ability to connect with your Fortnite account and earn additional points toward a mythical rewards.

One of these points can be transformed into a rarer form of currency called the rare coin. With each coin you collect the rarer they are, which means the more coins you have the greater the chance you’ll be able to trade them in for something rarer later. Some great ideas for a fortnite battle barge are a battle bus with a grill and a miniature refrigerator. For the gamer looking to really give their gift ideas some added impact a metal frame with metal legs could also double as an extra controller for the games.

For the ultimate in gaming loot a Fortnite video game disc containing all of the available expansions should definitely be on the list. The fact that you can load up on all of the available loot in one shot may make the Fortnite experience that much more rewarding. A great tip to using the Fortnite video game disc is to pause the game while it is loading up so you can pick out the best weapons and items you need to level up or spend the most money on. After all it does take quite a few hours of playing fortnite to pay off a few dozen coins. Another little trick is to hold down the fire button instead of the space bar so you do not accidentally activate the autopilot function.

As mentioned earlier it is important to consider the age range of the recipient if you’re trying to get a gift idea that everyone loves. For younger children it would probably be best to get them an assortment of super high tech items like a futuristic mobile. For a slightly older person you might want to go with a number of handcrafted wood mini figures to create a beautiful fortnite themed room. However, the most important part of any gift is making sure it’s something everyone will enjoy themselves. With that in mind, just remember to take a little time with each purchase and know what you’re getting. After all, there’s no point in going out and buying a new video game console only for your loved one to get mad because he/she can’t play it with you.

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