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Tips For Getting The Perfect Fortnite Battle Royale Gift


Tips For Getting The Perfect Fortnite Battle Royale Gift

From game prizes and stuffed loot lamas to cool looking Boogie Bomb lamps and Chuggers, these are just some of the nicest gifts for Fortnite players that you can purchase this season. This adorably little Loot Llama speaker will play music for four long hours on a single battery and comes in several other Fortnite-related shapes, as well. All of which makes these gifts ideal for people who aren’t even into the hit game but love to entertain with their own little toys.

In addition to the above mentioned items, a lot of online and in-game retailers offer up Fortnite swag as a form of thank you gift for those who purchase the above mentioned in-game items. Why thank you? Because good quality items make great gifts, regardless of what the contents are. Fortnite swag comes in many forms, including but not limited to:

These are some of my personal favorites, as they are relatively inexpensive but certainly high-quality. A red and white llama hat is the perfect compliment to a full Fortnite suit, and will be a topic of conversation among your friends for quite some time to come. Don’t be surprised if they end up being your life-long companion, as it’s not the kind of gift you’ll ever forget! For additional information on custom gifts for Fortnite, check out our other articles.

Just a quick note – if you have purchased the above items, but are still waiting on the in-game gifts to post, don’t worry. As mentioned in the above article, you can use our Fortnite buying guide to find out how you can obtain them in less than three hours! The three gifts that you should obtain within the shortest possible time period include: The Eagle’s Bane, the Giant Eagle’s Bane and the Jetstream. If you obtain all three gifts within the three-hour period, you will then be given the Golden Eagle’s Bane as your final prize!

One final tip when playing footnote: don’t be afraid to let your loved ones know about your progress. After all, it would be boring if your character didn’t earn anything at all. If you do happen to miss a week’s worth of gifts, let your loved one know about it. If you can, it would also be nice to send them a photo album of your whole house, or even a video recording of yourself with the Fortnite llama. A little appreciation goes a long way. Happy holidays!

So there you have it. Hopefully you’ve got some hints to help you get the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Fortnite gives us many things to enjoy during the festive season. From the basics to the most elaborate, you won’t be disappointed by any gift that you receive from Fortnite. Just remember to play your part and open your wallet for the best deals this holiday season!

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