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Top Tips For Choosing Gifts For Your Fortnite Enthusiast

From huggable stuffed loot lamas and gamer socks to cool and stylish boogie-bombers and Chug Water Bottles, these are just some of the cleverly fun Fortnite gifts which would be ideal gifts, no matter whether you are shopping for adults, friends, or children. This lovingly tiny Loot Llama holder comes in several other Fortnite-inspired shapes, as well, and can even play music for up to four hours straight on a single charge. With its built-in battery, the Llama can even be played while you watch TV!

Another fun and unique addition to the arsenal of great Fortnite items are the Fortnite Poop Tool. Made from durable stainless steel and using modern and innovative technology, this toy is the perfect companion for cleaning up after playing in the wild. Just pull out the handle, maneuver it into the handle pocket, push down on it, and release to fling the poop at unsuspecting critters. For added effect, this handy Fortnite gift is also useful as a stinky jar opener, so you don’t have to pass it along to your kids after the fact!

The Battle Royale backpack is perhaps the ultimate in practicality combined. Packed with pockets which can hold a variety of items, this backpack includes a large map pocket, two bottle pockets, a first aid pocket, and an insulated zippered carry-on compartment. The backpack is fully insulated and lined with quilted fiber material for extra comfort, making it perfect for a day in the field or on an outdoor adventure. The Battle Royale also includes a pair of adjustable straps that allow for the convenience of being carried over the shoulder without losing momentum or balance.

Fortnite also offers a number of videos that can be downloaded onto your computer for free. The Fortnite Evolution video game includes a number of challenges which will allow you to upgrade your character. With each upgrade to your character you receive access to new abilities, weapons, and vehicles that you will use in your mission to save Fortns Island. With the Fortnite Evolution you can take on the role of a cowboy, a cowgirl, a medieval knight, a marine, an airline pilot, a heavy metal bandit, and much more!

To finish off the Fortnite line of gifts, the hit send and play Fortnite video game offers two unique options of gifting. The hit send and play Fortnite Bingo Gift Option is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to add a little fun to his/her game. This gift option provides you with the option of selecting from a number of casino gaming cards which will be delivered directly to your doorstep. The other gift option for this game is the Bingo Battle Arena, which allows you to pit your wits against other online bingo players in the comfort of your own home.

In summary, if you want to treat someone on Christmas day, treat them to the ultimate in gaming and gift option; the Fortnite game. Fortnite gives you the option of purchasing the game on its official website, which is always cheaper than buying the ingame item shop. Fortnite also has an option of buying the game through its v-bucks program, which costs 15 dollars every month. Lastly, there are a number of free gifts available on the v-bucks site, which makes it a great way to pamper yourself!

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