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Types of Face Masks

Face Mask

Types of Face Masks

A face mask, also called an oral shield, is specially designed to be worn during medical procedures by medical staff. It’s designed to prevent infection in patients and cleaning staff by capturing bacteria and other liquid droppings from the mouth and nose of the wearer. The most common use for a mask is to protect those who are allergic to insect or pollen particles in their surroundings. As an example, if someone is allergic to bee stings, they would wear a face mask to keep their mouth and nose clean.

Another use for a face mask is to keep the patient safe during a medical procedure. During invasive surgeries, a nurse may have to insert a catheter through the nose, into the stomach. A mask is designed so that it can catch the catheter and prevent the nurse from accidentally inhaling a needle. This is why it’s important for nurses to use a mask when inserting the catheter.

A patient also uses a mask for covering the surgical site if he’s allergic to blood. Most people with allergies will not allow a needle to enter their mouth or nose unless it’s covered by some type of face shield or other barrier. It’s especially important for those who’ve just had a major surgery like an open-heart surgery to avoid having a blood-borne disease such as HIV or hepatitis spread by an infected needle.

There are several different types of masks. There are surgical masks, disposable mask devices, hospital and nursing face shields, and dental face shields. All of these masks have the same basic function, but they vary depending on what they’re used for.

The most commonly used face shield is a disposable mask device. These are used for all kinds of medical procedures, including open-heart surgery, endoscopic procedures and breast surgery. It’s important to wash your face and scrub away any debris and dirt before you put on a disposable face mask. It’s also a good idea to remove any makeup and clothing to avoid spreading germs between yourself and the operating table. If you’ve never used disposable face masks before, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor or nurse-to help you put one on. and then follow any instructions given by them.

Hospital and nursing face shields are available at most hospitals and nursing homes for emergency use only. They are used on all types of medical staff and they do the same job as the disposable mask devices. They’re also used by doctors and nurses to cover the surgical site while they are working, so that they can continue working without contaminating the area with bacteria and other germs.

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