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Understanding Custom Face Masks and Ear Loops

Do you sell customized face masks? Yes, sell customized face masks in high volumes. You can even order in volumes of 100, 120, and even 600. These plain colored face masks are great for welcoming new staff members or offering custom masks to clients after you open your new business.

When it comes to custom face masks, there are many products that can be ordered. Some popular face mask selections include earloops, face cushions, eye guards, face shields, mugs, tote bags, and even tote bags. Some commonly asked questions include what is Neo ears and which ones are the best suited to kids and adults. Below are some additional FAQs regarding the Neo ear protectors:

Q. What is a Neo ear protector? A. A Neo ear protector is one of the most popular custom masks on the market. It is an effective way to protect your hearing by keeping dirt, debris, water, and more out of your ears while still enjoying the style and functionality of one of the most comfortable face coverings currently offered.

Q. Is shipping time to meet? A. Most reputable online vendors will take up to five business days to process your order and ship your custom face masks.

Q. Should I order both a plain vinyl “custom” face mask and a “custom” cloth “custom” ear loop shield? A. If you have small children in the home that require two custom cloth face masks to keep them from damaging furniture, spilling beverages, or disturbing you when sleeping, a cloth mask is recommended for easy application and removal.

Q. Do you guarantee the color of the custom face mask or printed image? A. We guarantee the clarity and originality of our printed or embroidered face masks and printed ear loops – whether choosing from our vast selection of high-quality fabrics or printed polymer materials.

Q. Are there any additional discount offers available for my order? A. Most reputable web sites offering custom printed or embroidered face masks or ear loops feature a vast variety of discounts for your continued face masking needs.

Q. Where can I buy these face masks? A. You can find these high quality custom face masks and ear loops at leading online medical supply stores.

Q. How long does the face cover last? A. They typically last between eight and ten weeks. Because they are comfortable fit, many people choose to use these custom face masks and ear loops during extended periods of extended time – such as a sport’s season – when sweating and physical activity are common. Many individuals choose to purchase new face covers and ear loops more often during the off-season when the sweat of physical activity is significantly reduced.

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