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Understanding How Face Masks Helps Prevent Getting Sick

A surgical face mask, also called a facial mask, is designed to be worn daily by medical professionals during surgical care. Surgical masks are designed to prevent infection in patients and saving personnel from irritations caused by nasal secretions, fluid droplets and aerosol sprays of the wearer’s nose and mouth. They also help reduce the spread of infection through closed-mouth breathing. An experienced surgical technician can easily identify and fit a surgical mask.

When preparing a face mask for surgery, it is important to ensure that it fits correctly and has been correctly disinfected. The surgical face mask is made of sterile equipment and must be cleaned thoroughly with biological detergent prior to each use. It must also be air dried upon removal from the patient’s head. Surgeons should be alert for signs that the mask has become unsanitary, such as redness, swelling, cracking, oozing, or a foul odor.

Surgical or facial masks can be made of many different materials, including plastic and cloth masks. Plastic face masks, which are available in all sizes, are made from high-quality polyurethane, latex or vinyl. Cloth masks, which may be trimmed with individual strips of cloth or reusable gauze, are most often used. These cloth masks are easy to prepare and can be reused several times before and after surgery.

There are two types of surgical or facial masks: soft-cloth gaiters and hard-cloth gaiters. Gaiters are used during simple procedures such as nose and eye examinations or for large blemishes on the face, usually caused by prolonged exposure to steam or a hot towel. Gaiters are fitted to the patient by means of a chin strap, and they contain built-in exhalation valves. The valve mechanism allows only small amounts of air to escape, preventing hypertrophy of the tissues. Gaiters are usually used for one or two days following a procedure, though more time may be allowed if needed.

A hard plastic nose and cheeks mask are another common medical face mask. It is intended to protect others from getting sick by containing the nose and mouth areas from irritants. Since mucus membrane linings are meant to protect the membranes of the nose and mouth from getting sick, this type of nose and cheeks mask often contains a polymycosis linings. Polymycosis refers to the thickening and narrowing of the mucus linings that are supposed to protect others from getting sick.

Aside from protecting yourself from getting sick, wearing a mask while performing your regular daily activities is also a smart way to save your skin from the ravages of the heat and humidity. Aside from having an adverse effect on your skin, excess humidity can cause wrinkles and rough skin. For this reason, it is advisable to wear a mask to shield your skin from the harsh elements of the environment. While a mask may cost a little more than regular face masks, it can prove to be more beneficial. If you think that you are allergic to a particular brand of mask, ask your dermatologist or your doctor to recommend one that is suitable for you. Although many people believe that wearing a mask while performing your daily tasks will make you look like a clown, this is not the case at all as these products are designed to make the wearer look like an alien rather than an average individual.

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