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Use a Face Mask to Prevent Breathing in Dust and Dirt

So why were not face masks prescribed at the onset of the pandemic? At that time, doctors did not know the extent to which humans with COVID 19 could transmit the disease to their immediate families and friends. Nor was it yet understood that some individuals have COVID 19 yet do not show any outward signs of the disease.

Both groups can unwittingly pass on the infection to others. The risk is increased when the person has multiple contacts with an infected individual or if the individual has been exposed to a highly infectious object such as needles.

As the disease spreads, symptoms include headache, fever, rash, weight loss, headaches, nausea, upset stomach and chest, blurred vision, increased heart rate and shortness of breath. If left untreated, complications can develop such as pulmonary embolism, kidney failure and lung cancer.

Symptoms associated with respiratory tract infections are generally mild, but serious cases may result in coughing fits, wheezing and chest pains. In some cases, sufferers may experience fever and night sweats. Other than this, there are no known side effects caused by using a face mask.

A face mask works by blocking the transmission of cold viruses through the airway. It is an effective tool for preventing the spread of deadly colds and influenza. A face mask also helps in blocking harmful bacteria from entering the body.

Face masks are widely available today. They come in different styles, colors, sizes and shapes and can be customized with a personal message.

The use of a face mask is recommended at all times. The first step is to ensure that the room is free from other people and pets. The use of a face mask provides complete cover over the head and the nose.

After wearing the mask, use a handkerchief to wipe the nose before closing the mouth to keep it moist. Wearing a face mask for longer hours reduces the chances of the transmission of mucus into the air.

A face mask should be worn for the entire duration of an infection. It can also be used in the event of sneezing, cough and clearing the throat. When someone coughs, one should keep the face mask on to avoid it from blowing out the mucus.

Face masks come in different sizes to fit the user. Some come with an adjustable face shield that allows you to adjust its size according to the size of the nose and mouth. This ensures that the mucus does not leak onto the face and throat.

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